We will still have a discussion on the language law / GORDON

He expressed this opinion on October 22 on the air of the “Freedom of Speech Savik Shuster” program on the channel “Ukraine”, answering the viewer’s question about dubbing of Soviet films into Ukrainian. According to Arachamiya, dubbing films is “a very controversial issue.” “Once upon a time, even during the previous government, they adopted a […]

Better understand the Health Insurance Act

(Official Togo) – This Friday, the ministers of the civil service and of universal access to healthcare will take part in the program “At the heart of the nation”On national television (TVT). Objective, to continue the government pedagogy started the day before around the new law on health insurance adopted Wednesday by the deputies. Better […]

New York Museum honors Judge Ginsburg

46160 picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS.com | Armando L. Sanchez – cutting and scaling by LTO A museum in New York is dedicating an exhibition to the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg from Friday. Numerous personal objects belonging to the “icon” can also be viewed until the end of January 2022. Then the exhibition moves on. […]

Putin and Lukashenko agreed on “union” programs

Putin and Lukashenko talked in the Kremlin for more than three hours All 28 programs are aimed at unifying the legislation of Russia and Belarus in various fields, the President of the Russian Federation noted. Russia and Belarus have agreed on 28 union programs of the two states. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir […]

demand to stop the pressure. The Kremlin answered / GORDON

Among the addressees of the appeal are Russian President Vladimir Putin, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and other high-ranking officials. The editors published different texts of the appeals. Although the essence of the claims to the legislation is the same, it is stated in different […]

SAP handed an indictment to People’s Deputy Yurchenko

Photo: facebook.com/yurchenko211 Alexander Yurchenko became a participant in high-profile scandals The people’s deputy asked for 13 thousand dollars to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on amendments to the legislation on the processing of solid household waste. The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) handed the bill of indictment to the former deputy from the […]

In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor

Photo: Correspondent.net In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor Large-scale inspections of businesses for compliance with labor laws have been going on in the country for a month now. Every third enterprise audited by the State Labor Service of Ukraine violates labor laws. About it informs OpenDataBot on Monday, August 2nd. The most […]

Russia sent a note to Ukraine over the memorial

Soviet memorial on the Field of Mars The Russian side demanded that Kiev comply with international obligations and norms of national legislation on the protection and preservation of military memorials. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia sent a note of protest to the diplomatic department of Ukraine in connection with plans to dismantle a […]