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Erzsi Pásztor’s old video is making waves on the internet

On more than one occasion, the Kossuth, Mari Jászai and Béla Balázs prize-winning actress, meritorious artist, lifelong member of the Petőfi Theater in Sopron, the Turay Ida Theater and the Society of the Immortals was asked by the Budapest Police Headquarters to produce campaign films.

Erzsi Pásztor has helped the work of the BRFK on several occasions (Photo: Zoltán Nagy)

Erzsi Pásztor showed his experiences in a special way

Pastor Erzsi he helped the BRFK on several occasions, as he had already performed in the campaign against drunk driving, and also appeared in the short film of the National Ambulance Service years ago, when he helped prevent Christmas accidents with his presence. A few years ago, he made another – very instructive – video in cooperation with the police, with which they try to draw attention to the importance of traffic safety. Now this video is circulating the Internet again, which brings a smile to the faces of his admirers and fans. In particular, the actress with a ferocious sense of humor showed her experiences on the roads in a special way to those who were curious about it.

The barely two-minute “scene” begins when the artist gets into her little red car and sets off in Budapest’s traffic. With his unique humor and inimitable acting talent, he tells you what he thinks about domestic traffic from behind the wheel. As you can see, he clearly belongs to the calmer type of driver, but the little monologue shows that there is a reason that often annoys him.

“I don’t like it when someone pushes me violently and wants to drive.”

I’m not in a hurry, I leave on time. I can’t stand it when someone forces himself on me, pushes me, he would rather take me down, because fifty is not enough for him.

“But why do you want to go with seventy, if you can only go with fifty. Where are you running? In the hospital? They drive me crazy,” he listed his questions the actress.

The video was shared by the Turay Ida Theater on TikTok, and it is really cracking up among netizens.

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