the Russian founder of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency platform has been arrested

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 7:03 p.m., Update yesterday at 8:12 p.m. Anatoly Legkodimov was arrested by US authorities on January 18, 2022. Ruslan Ivantsov / Anatoly Legkodimov is accused of money laundering with criminal activities. US authorities announced on Wednesday January 18 the arrest of a Russian, founder of the […]

Washington wants to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

Microsoft had announced earlier this year its intention to acquire the publisher of the successful video game series call of Duty for 69 billion dollars. The American competition watchdog (FTC) filed a complaint on Thursday, December 8 to block Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, publisher of successful video games such as Call of […]

WhatsApp launches Community, a feature to facilitate group management

With this feature, Mark Zuckerberg’s network aims to compete with platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack. MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP The new instant messaging tool allows users to manage multiple groups by bringing them together in a single structure. The instant messaging platform WhatsApp announced Thursday the launch of Communities, a feature that allows users […]

the regulator calls for a ban on TikTok in the United States

Brendan Carr’s remarks come less than a week before the mid-term elections. A new Congress could take stronger action to ban TikTok. gguy / One of the commissioners of the US telecoms regulator believes the Chinese application poses a national security risk. Brendan Carr doesn’t hold back. A fervent critic of TikTok, the commissioner […]

the most active users leave the platform

According to an internal Twitter study, the platform is experiencing a hemorrhage of its most engaged users, which has been masked by an increase in numbers. “An absolute decline” since the beginning of the pandemic. An internal Twitter report revealed by Reuters is conclusive. California messaging is struggling to keep its users more active and […]

The United States deprives China of accessibility to artificial intelligence chips

Par Ingrid Vergara Released 3 hrs in the past, Update 2 hours in the past – Nvidia no more time has the right to export sure chips essential for the advancement of artificial intelligence purposes to China and Russia. NVIDIA – Analysis – This new salvo of limitations imposed by Washington weakens Nvidia, the main […]

the Chinese giant NetEase acquires the French Quantic Aspiration

Data THE FIGARO – Tencent’s 1st competitor features the French nugget specifically commissioned by Disney and Lucasfilm to produce the up coming Star Wars sport. The rumor had been circulating because the spring. Now it is official: NetEase acquires French video game studio Quantic Aspiration. The giant, Tencent’s major competitor and a big participant in […]

victory for the first union in an Apple store

After Starbucks and Amazon, the union movement across the Atlantic is winning the Apple brand. After Starbucks and Amazon, the union movement won Apple on Saturday with the historic victory of a union in an American Apple Store, a first for the Apple brand. Of the 110 employees at the store in Towson, a suburb […]

In the United States, crypto is appealing to the unbanked

The US Federal Reserve is interested in the profile of cryptocurrency users. Who Are Americans Buying Cryptocurrencies and How Do They Use Them? For the first time, the American central bank (Fed) has looked into the question, in its annual study devoted to the economic health of American households, “Economic Well-Being of US Households in […]

In New York State, bitcoin miners will have to show their green paw

New York Mayor Eric Adams wanted to make his city the “cryptocurrency center”. New York State no longer wants new bitcoin mining companies on its territory. A law, which has just been adopted by local legislators, imposes a moratorium on the development of bitcoin. The mining of this activity – the main crypto involved – […]