Why is it THE Danube, but THE Rhine? What does the gender of rivers depend on?

As for the gender of river names, the most important rule in German is that there is no rule – unlike, for example, in Latin, where the rivers are basically male, where the Danube is also called “Danuvius”. In German, gender depends on several things. Pay attention to the ending For once, whether there is […]

Lesti Kejora was shocked and closed Rizky Billar’s mouth when discussing the gender of his prospective first child: What’s important..

PR TASIKMALAYA – Newlyweds Rizky Billiards and Ready Kejora back in the spotlight. The reason is, in the midst of a heated discussion about the issue pregnant first, recently Rizky Billiards actually mentions gender candidate child first after seeing toy expensive bought by Ready Kejora. Rizky Billiards judge that toy purchased Ready Kejora is something […]

Vaccine creator AstraZeneca inspired the new Barbie

The creator of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Sarah Gilbert, inspired the creation of a new Barbie doll. Gilbert’s model is part of a new collection of role-playing dolls produced by the brand Mattel, which includes five others women linked to science. It may interest you: Barbie changes her style and becomes more sustainable The Barbie collection […]

What health problems affect women in a special way?

Although it is often not noticed, men and women do not get sick the same, nor do they have the same symptoms or react in the same way to treatments. A fact that for centuries was not taken into account by medicine, whose prism was eminently masculine, as well as that of society as a […]

Lufthansa will make the greeting gender-neutral – Korrespondent.net

Photo: Unsplash German airline decided to go for a gender-neutral greeting The move aims to make all passengers on board feel welcome, including those who do not identify as male or female. On board the aircraft of the German aviation concern Lufthansa, the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” will no longer be used when addressing passengers. […]

Gender and poverty | Opinion

We have just learned about two of the Princess of Asturias Awards. Gloria Steinem (Toledo, Ohio, 87 years old), 2021 Communication and Humanities Prize. Amartya Sen (Santiniketan, India, 87 years old), 2021 Social Sciences Prize. They coincide not only in their age, but also that they are both iconic, fundamental figures that every great cause […]

Menstruation as a taboo subject: when you feel like an alien

A green hairy body, a large purple eye, and pink boots. This is what one of Alma Weber’s aliens looks like. The Dresden animated film artist sits on the flowered vintage sofa in her studio and draws sketches for her current project entitled “Menstrualiens” – a mixture of the words menstruation and aliens. Aliens because […]

4 Negative Impacts of Excess Carbohydrates for the Body, Not Just for Fat

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The human body needs carbohydrate as the main energy source. However, do you know what are the negative effects of consuming too much carbohydrates? However, if consuming excess carbohydrates has a negative impact on health, such as this: Vulnerable to Diabetes Mellitus Type Two People who have excess carbohydrates have the potential […]

Attentive to the screen: gender violence is triggered by WhatsApp

“Except for physical abuse, practically any crime in the field of gender violence can be committed through new technologies.” The Vigo lawyer Brais González Barros These words show a reality that the daily activity in the Vigo courts attests to in good faith. And is that the use of messaging applications such as WhatsApp and […]