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Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death for Oklahoma Teen Nex Benedict: Tragic Suicide Confirmed After Altercation

Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death for Oklahoma Teen Nex Benedict

Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death for Oklahoma Teen Nex Benedict

Autopsy reveals cause of death for Oklahoma teen Nex Benedict

An autopsy revealed Nex Benedict died as a result of an overdose the day after an altercation in an Oklahoma high school bathroom.

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Outrage, Pain, and Worry Grip the LGBTQ Community

The tragic death of Nex Benedict on February 8 has sparked outrage, pain, and worry, particularly in the LGBTQ community, in Oklahoma and beyond. The 16-year-old teen was involved in an altercation in their high school bathroom, and authorities revealed on Wednesday that the teen died a day later of an overdose, declared a suicide by a medical examiner.

In response to Nex Benedict’s death, advocates are urging greater support for children and teens who are grappling with anti-LGBTQ policies, bullying, and escalating violence against the LGBTQ community. Margaret Coates, the superintendent of Owasso Public Schools, referred to Benedict’s death as “devastating.” Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, called it a “tragedy” but also cited concerns about LGBTQ groups “pushing a false narrative.”

“The system didn’t just fail Nex,” said Cathy Renna, director of communications for the National LGBTQ Task Force. “It failed the kids who attacked them.”

Bullying and Gender Identity

Benedict, who preferred he/him and they/them pronouns and was a descendant of the Choctaw Nation, was reportedly subjected to bullying due to their gender identity. The 16-year-old identified as gender expansive, according to their friends.

The Benedict family issued a statement shortly after their child’s death, revealing that Nex was attacked and assaulted by a group of other students in a bathroom at Owasso High School. Their child’s life was tragically cut short the following day.

A Turning Point for Gender-Nonconforming Youth

The death of Nex Benedict could mark an inflection point for gender-nonconforming individuals and their loved ones. Organizations are keen to highlight the experiences of transgender and nonbinary young people, emphasizing their significance and promoting positive narratives. Jennifer Grosshandler, co-founder and executive director of the GenderCool Project, expressed that transgender and nonbinary youth are an integral part of society and should be recognized as such.

A recent Gallup poll demonstrates that the number of people identifying as LGBTQ and noting a gender or sexual identity other than heterosexual has doubled since 2012. Approximately 1 in 8 LGBTQ individuals identify as transgender, and this growth is primarily driven by young people.

The hate, violence, and inflammatory rhetoric directed at young individuals who do not conform to traditional gender norms are largely driven by adults. Grosshandler emphasized the importance of embracing gender diversity and providing unconditional love and support to transgender and gender nonconforming youth.

“When your kid comes to you and says this is who I am, the most important thing is to believe them and to love them,” she said.

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