Covid-19, balance of February 2023: last monthly balance

This is going to be my last monthly report on the global evolution of Covid-19. This closing coincides with the third anniversary of the state of alarm in our country, the confinement and everything that it entailed: a before and after in our lives. But it’s not this third anniversary the reason for the decision […]

PSG star Hakimi faces rape charges

French prosecutors on Monday opened an investigation into the alleged rape of Paris Saint-Germain defender Achraf Hakimi. This was reported by the French media, which are close to the case. According to a source who spoke to the website’s journalists The Parisian, the young woman reported the rape to the police station on Sunday, but […]

Spain 2007-2023, a look to the future

There are moments when it is impossible not to stop and look back. These days I have gone back to 2005 and I have seen the European United Kingdom where many young Spaniards went to study or start working. The disastrous miscalculation of David Cameron He brought the brexit. This summer I will return there, […]

European Commission: The EU will avoid recession this year

The EC also issued an estimate of the growth of the Czech economy, which will stagnate in the first quarter. For the whole year, GDP will increase by 0.1 percent and will be well below the EU average. According to the commission, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the countries of the European Union will […]

Jiří Gavor: Diesel will cost over 40 crowns due to the embargo

How will the introduction of the EU embargo affect the Czech Republic? Not overnight, as Europe has stocked up quite nicely. It was preparing for the embargo and stocked up on Russian products. In the last few months, purchases from Russia have increased compared to the previous period. The embargo is coming now, but when […]

Fear of inflation is easing in Europe, but Czechs remain skeptical

The average inflation rate for the year 2022 was 15.1% in the Czech Republic, which is the second highest value since the creation of an independent state. The prospects for its reduction in 2023 are not yet very promising, both according to the same price stability supervisor CNB and according to Czech bosses. This results […]

$60 a barrel? The EU is negotiating a price ceiling for Russian oil

Last week the G7 discussed a price cap for Russian Ural crude. The cap discussed ranged between $65 and $70 per barrel. However, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia have objected, arguing that Russian oil is already being sold cheaper. Thus, on Thursday, EU representatives discussed a lower level of the ceiling. “The new level that is […]

Russian oil has hit its ceiling on the markets

The price of Russian Ural oil fell to $52 (CZK 1,220) a barrel on Thursday, according to data from trading company Argus Media. For comparison, on the same day a barrel of Brent oil from the North Sea was sold for $85 (1990 CZK). Russian oil has long been discounted against Brent, which is mainly […]