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Prostate Cancer Cases Expected to Triple by 2040: Experts Warn of Rising Numbers and Advances in Treatment

The news that is coming soon is not encouraging: by 2040 men with prostate cancer they should be close to three million compared to half of the cases that occurred worldwide in 2020. If these numbers are worrying, the situation is very different for treatments with more and more interventions that will be successful due to advances in treatment and prevention.

The experts’ warning

These insights were revealed by an analysis published in the journal The Lancet by the Commission on Cancer Prostate, the most common cancer in men in 112 countries and representing the 15% of tumors. The rise of global affairs cannot be prevented “only with lifestyle changes or public health interventions, governments must prepare strategies to respond”, the experts explain in the document available online. The differences are notable if we are talking about advanced countries compared to low-income countries but also in case of high-level disease being diagnosed.”the best use of available technologies, adapted to available resource levels, could produce better results. “.

The numbers in Italy

According to the latest analyses, in Italy one man in eight They have to deal with prostate cancer: they were only registered in 2023 41.100 new issues, was first considered a cancer in men. In addition to the lack of prevention, from north to south the elderly population is increasing and therefore the risk of getting this disease but the risks of getting sick at a younger age are severe and also depend on methods -life: those who havewrong power supply and I’m fat.

The importance of the Psa test

To determine the general condition of the prostate, one of the best diagnostic tools is to examine the Psa be made by normal blood collection. In this way it is possible to find out, through the values, whether the disease is detected at the beginning and in the levels at which action can be taken more efficiently and quickly. However, high values ​​are not always compatible with a tumor because it can also be one prostatitis (inflammation) but also a physiological increase in the size of the organ (hypertrophy) more common with advancing age.

This test, however, is sometimes used by patients as the only diagnostic tool but it is wrong: it is extremely important visit the urologist Why “About a quarter of tumors present themselves with Psa within normal limits but with a prostate nodule, causing a real ‘loss’ for the patient in the diagnostic process”, explained Prof. your Republic. Tommaso Cai, director of the Urology Unit of Trento Hospital and secretary of the Italian Society of Andrology (Sia). In addition, the PSA “it is not a specific sign of prostate cancer, but it only indicates that the prostate is in a poor state of health and does not allow us to recognize the aggressiveness of the cancer“, confirms the expert.

How to prevent

From nutrition to lifestyle, there are many factors that can prevent the appearance of prostate cancer: come forward 40-45 years visiting the urologist should also be normal and above all in people who have relatives who have faced the disease. Finally, good news too from current treatments and those who are expecting soon can treat this cancer. “successful and ensure a better quality of life with rapid functional recovery“.

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