Court in France ruled death from COVID-vaccine suicide

Photo: In France, vaccination was equated with suicide The judge took the side of the insurance company, which refused to pay insurance to the children of a millionaire who died after being vaccinated. In France, the case of a wealthy elderly Parisian businessman who insured his life for many millions and died from COVID-vaccination […]

Sinead O’Connor’s son committed suicide

Photo: Global Look Sinead O’Connor converted to Islam three years ago The star has repeatedly written about problems with her son. This was not the first attempt by a 17-year-old boy to die. The son of the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor committed suicide after escaping from a mental hospital. The young man was 17 years […]

Lockdown Children: What We Will Not Forgive Each Other

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A British woman was found dead in a camper on a Chengene scaffolding near Burgas

Chengene Scaffolding Cultural and Tourist Complex A British woman was found dead in a camper located in the tourist complex Chengene Skele near the fishing village near Burgas. According to police, it was a suicide. The British woman is 54 years old and was found with stab wounds in her leg, all covered in blood. […]

After his car accident, he hung himself on a pylon at a man’s Lukácsháza

On Wednesday afternoon, a Fiat Scudo van was driving on the 87 road from Kőszeg in the direction of Szombathely, when the vehicle suddenly wanted to turn left onto a small side road on the border of Lukácsháza. The driver managed to steer the vehicle next to the road, which therefore slipped off the bridge […]

Angy Fernández does not hide: she knows what Verónica Forqué felt

Angy Fernandez, actress and former contestant of ‘Factor X’, he has raved about the depression he suffered until recently. He did it in a conversation with Risto Mejide (47) in the program ‘Everything is true’. His words are sincere and serve to reflect on this serious health problem. ‘Everything is true’, the format hosted by […]

A man died after jumping from the 10th floor of a Plovdiv b …

An elderly man ended his life after jumping from the tenth floor of St. George’s Hospital, Maritsa has learned. He died on the spot. Passers-by saw the body and immediately called 112. The drama took place at 3 pm, the police in the town under the hills told “Maritsa”. Minutes later, police and an ambulance […]