Bloomberg named one of the main causes of death of Americans

Coronavirus is one of the three leading causes of death in the United States In the United States, the leading causes of death are cardiovascular and oncological diseases, as well as coronavirus. In the United States, more people die from the coronavirus COVID-19 than from firearms, flu and road accidents combined. About it informed Bloomberg […]

List of oncological and obese patients to prioritize them in vaccination

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) asked the health providers who send the list of oncology, diabetic and obese patients over 18 for prioritize them in vaccination. The authorities are working on the preparation of the lists received until May 12 and have already begun to distribute the agendas. “The MSP seeks ensure prioritization of […]

Successful cancer surgeries are carried out at CDE Regional Hospital

The Oncology Service of the Bilal Esgaib Ward reported yesterday that a complex surgery was performed at the Regional Hospital, called radical gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction. A 51-year-old man from Hernandarias was intervened. The patient was diagnosed with diffuse adenocarcinoma gastric cancer by Lauren’s classification. The man underwent a gastrectomy during the shift on Wednesday […]

the indignation of Rita Tarantino of the ASL

LECCE – It was yesterday there news of 12 cancer patients, tested positive for covid-19: why hasn’t anyone thought about vaccinating them? Because all people with fragility have they been ignored up to now? ”. In these words there is all the indignation and despair of Rita Tarantino. The president of the mixed advisory committee […]

“When you accept the situation, you free yourself”

Eva was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020. As she had several tumor foci, the doctors decided to perform a mastectomy with the possibility of immediate breast reconstruction. It was operated on March 19, a few days after the state of alarm and home confinement were decreed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The intervention […]

How to make cancer treatment least interfere with daily life

Cancer is the second cause of mortality in Europe and, in Spain, some 280,000 people are diagnosed each year with cancer, according to the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC). The incidence, rather than decreasing, increases. But these data are also accompanied by others that confirm that survival increases continuously: 55.3% of men and 61.7% of women […]

Myasnikov lists foods that reduce the risk of cancer

Today, 12:40 | author: Daria Kuznetsova | Photo Vitamin D helps not only cope with coronavirus, but also to exclude the development of many oncological diseases. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov advised to look for it in ordinary products. This vitamin plays a vital role. With its deficiency, bones, intestines and other organs suffer. For the […]

British doctor talks about vitamin helping in cancer prevention

Great Britain, 25 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Deficiency of vitamins can provoke various kinds of diseases. In the summer, a large number of seasonal products are included in the diet of people, so there are no problems with a lack of important elements. However, in winter, many face this problem, despite the fact that they are […]