CDC Call Covid-19 Vaccine Allergy Very Rare

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an explanation of allergies due to the Covid-19 vaccine. Allergy cases are possible and can occur but the cases are very rare. Based on CDC records there were 29 cases of a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis after the Covid-19 vaccine administration. In […]

They criticize an ophthalmologist vaccinated against covid-19 for going to party

Drafting Mexico City / 03.01.2021 13:51:46 An ophthalmologist named Alejandro Silva has provoked in social networks various criticisms against him after being exhibited in a video celebrating on the beach, allegedly after being vaccinated against covid-19 in the Military Hospital of Mexico City. Different Internet users made public videos and photographs where the young man […]

Acute virus in Kerala too; Health Minister urges extreme caution

Severe corona virus outbreak has been confirmed in four districts WebDesk January 04, 2021 08:23:29 pm Thiruvananthapuram: Severe corona virus outbreak has been confirmed in Kerala as well. Six people were diagnosed with the disease. Health Minister KK Shailaja made the announcement at an emergency press conference. This is the first case of Kovid disease […]

Health care workers refuse to obtain a Corona vaccine in America

The American “Los Angeles Times” reported that some health care workers refuse to take the Corona vaccine, although they have priority to obtain it. People who believe the scientific data that support vaccines. At St. Elizabeth Hospital in Los Angeles, less than half of the 700 hospital workers who qualify for the vaccine were ready […]

California Nurse Contracts COVID Days After Pfizer Vaccine

A nurse working in emergency services of the Californian city of San Diego has tested positive for covid-19 just a few days after having been vaccinated against that disease, US media reported today. The healthcare worker has been identified as Matthew W., a 45-year-old male nurse, who received the first dose of the vaccine prepared […]

Frequent doubts about the Covid vaccine: can children get vaccinated?

The beginning of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Spain has brought to light the doubts of millions of Spaniards who still do not know whether to get the vaccine to protect themselves against the virus or on the contrary not to do it and that they go from how the vaccination process develops to […]

First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine Arrives in France, Starts Vaccination on Sunday

PARIS, – Coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech has finally arrived at France on Saturday (26/12/2020) morning. Journalist AFP see the first dose coronavirus vaccine arrived at a central pharmacy at a hospital near Paris. Reporting from AFP, the Covid-19 vaccine these will be prioritized to residents Elderly ( elderly people) in a nursing home. Also […]

A Doctor in Boston Experienced Severe Allergic Reaction After Injection of Moderna Vaccine – A doctor in Boston, United States, reportedly developed severe allergies after receiving coronavirus vaccine production Modern on Thursday (24/12/2020). The doctor was Hossein Sadrzadeh who is a Geriatric Oncologist at Boston Medical Center. He admitted that he had a severe reaction immediately after being vaccinated. Launch Reuters, Sadrzadeh said, he felt dizzy and […]

Health officially determines the priority groups for getting the Corona vaccine

3:08 PM Monday 21 December 2020 Books – Ahmad Jumaa: The Ministry of Health and Population has officially identified the priority groups for obtaining the emerging coronavirus vaccine. According to the website dedicated to registering applications for the vaccine, the first stage includes the groups most vulnerable to infection with the emerging corona virus and […]