Warren Buffett, prominent investor, steps in amidst SVB bankruptcy causing banking crisis.

Warren Buffett The star investor had already become active during the 2008 financial crisis. (Photo: AP) Denver Bankers, regulators and government officials have been dealing with a central question for days: How can trust in the US banking system be restored after the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) went bankrupt? Star investor Warren Buffett is apparently […]

Bloomberg: US to tighten rules on exporting chip equipment to China

The White House is developing new restrictions on the export of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. This, according to the US presidential administration, will prevent Chinese industry from creating its own chips, reports Bloomberg with reference to sources. The US presidential administration told manufacturing companies that the new measures would be officially announced in April. […]

Bloomberg: Sunak is working to restore cooperation with the EU after Brexit in private

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has instructed the government to work out plans to restore relations between the UK and the EU after Brexit, Bloomberg reported, citing anonymous senior officials. The UK plans to increase cooperation with the EU in the areas of defence, migration, trade, energy and international standards. As writes BloombergThe UK plans […]

The expert saw similarities with the formation of the BTC bottom in 2018

The first cryptocurrency is bottoming in the same way as it did before the start of the bullish phase in 2019. The essential difference lies in the tightening of monetary policy in the world. This was stated by Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone. Four years ago there was a widespread reduction in interest rates by monetary […]

Apple set to design its own Micro LED displays

In order to be less dependent on its suppliers, such as LG and Samsung, Apple will design its own Micro LED screens for iPhone. Apple has been transitioning from LCD to OLED for the screens of most of its products for some time. Oled screens supplied by LG, Samsung and BOE, but these manufacturers could […]

Bloomberg: Russia is lobbying big business for more money to finance the offensive in Ukraine

Russia plans to siphon more money from some commodity producers and state-owned companies and cut non-defense spending as the cost of its invasion of Ukraine increases. Bloomberg informs. The proposals include higher dividends from state-owned companies and a one-off payment from fertilizer and coal producers, according to instructions given to officials by Prime Minister Mikhail […]

Because Texas Instruments relies on an old factory at Munich Airport

Clean room in Freising Texas Instruments remains loyal to the Munich location. (Photo: Texas Instruments) Freising When Texas Instruments (TI) opened its plant in Freising, Ludwig Erhard was Chancellor. Back then, in 1966, it was unforeseeable that the new Munich airport would one day open right in front of the company headquarters. The plant on […]

Musk is the first person to become $200 billion poorer. Tesla’s downfall is to blame

American entrepreneur Elon Musk became the first person in the world whose real estate value fell by $200 billion (about CZK 4.5 trillion). This was reported by the Bloomberg agency. The value of Musk’s fortune fell to $137 billion this week, according to the Musk Billionaire Index, after peaking at $340 billion early last November. […]

esk startup Mews attracted investors, won billions of crowns for expansion

Richard Valtr, founder of startup Mews. | photo: mews The Zskan financing fulfills Mews’ commitment to accelerating product innovation, global expansion and new acquisitions. In all investment rounds to date, Mews has received $225 million. Our mission is to transform the hospitality industry with the help of cloud computing into a more beneficial form for […]