US deployed hypersonic systems –

Photo: Getty US Navy destroyer Carl Vinson (CVN 70) in the Philippine Sea Today, the Pentagon conducted three test launches of hypersonic weapons, they were considered successful. The United States plans to deploy hypersonic systems to the military in FY2023, starting next October. reported Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, Director of Strategic Systems Programs, United States […]

Princess Charlene’s operation was successful

Princess Charlene Princess Charlene of Monaco has undergone a successful operation in South Africa and is currently recovering. The surgery was due to an infection in May. The princess was under general anesthesia and will remain in the hospital in the Republic of South Africa for 48 hours for observation, AFP reported, referring to a […]

Krefeld Ravens Defense dominates Mühlheim

August 29, 2021 at 7:57 pm American Football : Krefeld Ravens Defense dominates Mülheim CAK Krefeld Ravens – Cologne Falcons Prospects Photo: Samla Fotoagentur / Krefeld The football team from the silk city won on Sunday with the toughest league competitor Mülheim with 30: 0 and is thus as good as champions and promoted […]

When fraudsters in Krefeld don’t use the grandchildren’s trick

July 28, 2021 at 6:44 am Police in Krefeld reported : When fraudsters in Krefeld don’t use the grandchildren’s trick The victims are usually contacted by telephone. Photo: dpa / Marc Müller Krefeld The police officers in Krefeld record a few cases in which fraudsters have come to nothing. That is the result of their […]

July 20 Incident: History of the First Human Landing on the Moon, Here’s the Journey – As is known, humans continue to develop science and technology for an increasingly advanced and better world life. That way, humans can create various kinds of useful innovations to help work and solve problems that are often encountered in everyday life. Not only that, the development of science and technology is also carried […]

And the new Opel Astra is charged from the socket

Opel has introduced the all-new, sixth-generation Astra. The success story of Opel’s bestseller began 30 years ago and is a continuation of the legacy of the legendary Kadett. Now, with the all-new Astra, the German manufacturer is opening its next chapter – for the first time, the compact class model is also available with electric […]

Pavel Valnev leaves Tsvetan Tsvetanov’s party

The businessman Pavel Valnev PHOTO: “REPUBLICANS FOR BULGARIA” The businessman will make his own civic project One of the richest Bulgarians, who has a successful transport business in the United States, Pavel Valnev left the party of Tsvetan Tsvetanov “Republicans for Bulgaria”. He was its vice president and main sponsor. Valnev announced his decision with […]

Back to the studio – Interview with Benjamin Roth from Urban Sports Club

fMi: What did you learn from 2020? Benjamin Roth: In every crisis, no matter how unpredictable, there is always something positive: We have shown how adaptable we can be as an industry. That we can work with our partners from Urban Sports Club a Livestream offer to be able to set up something that our […]

Successful cancer surgeries are carried out at CDE Regional Hospital

The Oncology Service of the Bilal Esgaib Ward reported yesterday that a complex surgery was performed at the Regional Hospital, called radical gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction. A 51-year-old man from Hernandarias was intervened. The patient was diagnosed with diffuse adenocarcinoma gastric cancer by Lauren’s classification. The man underwent a gastrectomy during the shift on Wednesday […]