The former police chief is in good shape …

Specialists from the National Revenue Agency – Veliko Tarnovo looked closely at the income and property of the former police chief in Plovdiv and his wife for 5 years. The investigation began minutes after the senior commissioner was relieved of his post on August 16, 2021. Neat. This is the statement of the National Revenue […]

In the Russian Federation, a sudden check of the combat readiness of troops

Photo: A sudden check of combat readiness is underway in the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation During the inspection, special attention is paid to the possibility of transporting troops on time. In the Eastern Military District (VVO) of Russia, a sudden check of combat readiness is underway. This was announced on Friday, […]

Haan companies have good payment behavior

January 11, 2022 at 4:36 pm examination : The companies’ payment behavior is good Andreas Koch, managing director of Crefo-Factoring Rhein-Wupper Photo: Vetter, Uwe (uwv) Haan 250 companies with ten to 500 employees from Haan and other towns in the Bergisch region took part in a study by the Creditreform group. The results are encouraging. […]

A Bulgarian drug dealer in Italy hid 50,000 euros in a mattress

Italian authorities from Terni, Umbria region, arrested 51-year-old Bulgarian PP after she was caught with drugs while checking her home. The woman, known for justice because of precedents, had 6 doses of cocaine in her possession, media reported. Therefore, the police decided to search her apartment. According to the newspaper “Mesagero”, the authorities came across […]

The pool in the rocks near Sinemorets belongs to Emilian Gebrev, who had a permit

The pool built into the rocks PHOTO: DANIELA KOSTADINOVA / BNR The arms dealer Emilian Gebrev is the owner of the property with a built-in pool in the “Polyanite” area near Sinemorets, BNR reports. After an inspection by the regional administration in Burgas, they claim that the pool was built on rocks that are public […]

An important decision for all drivers! If you stop to check, and …

A driver who refuses to be tested under the Road Traffic Act for the presence of alcohol and / or drugs in his blood commits two separate administrative violations. This was decided by the General Assembly of Judges of the Supreme Administrative Court in its interpretative decision, published today. Interpretative case № 1 of 2021 […]

Biden temporarily handed over powers to vice president

Harris will receive the powers of the President of the United States for a while. The American president will be examined under anesthesia. At this time, Harris will receive his powers. US President Joe Biden on Friday, November 19, went to the hospital, where he will be under anesthesia. In this regard, he will temporarily […]