Macron changed one of the colors on the flag of France / GORDON

“The tricolor of blue, white and red still hangs on official buildings, but the blue is now dark blue,” the newspaper said. The French President made the decision to change the color back in July 2020 on the advice of the Operations Director of the Elysee Palace Arnaud Jolenshowever, it caused some controversy in the […]

Zastava 101 became an automobile living fossil, manufactured for almost 40 years

The 101 model survived the advent of modern cars, economic sanctions against Milosevic’s Yugoslavia and the factory bombing in 1999 in the production program of the Serbian carmaker Zastava. The first serial cars rolled off the production line on October 15, 1971, and almost four decades later, a “weird latimeria” car could be bought in […]

Rating-bombers players Life is Strange: True Colors for a flag | Newsblock

The hiss spins again with steam power, because although the reason is understandable, the tool used is all the more pathetic – because of a pierced flag, Life is Strange: True Colors-t. At the in-game Treasures of Tibet store, we meet a Tibetan flag, which, however, is meant to represent the Tibetan independence movement. That’s […]

The largest flag of Ukraine will be raised in Kiev

Фото: Facebook/MunicipalnaVarta Rehearsal for raising the flag Prior to that, a new trident was installed on a flagpole about 90 meters high in the capital. The size of the flag is 16 by 24 meters. The largest Ukrainian flag will be raised on the flagpole in Kiev. This will be done by veterans of the […]

MUI Chair Criticizes BPIP-style Flag Respect Contest Makes Noise

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — chairman Indonesian Religious Leader (MUI) Cholil Nafis criticized the article writing competition held by the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) just made a fuss in the middle of the community. He assessed that the theme of the competition did not understand the essence of nationalism which affirms love for the homeland. […]

Merzig Mustangs organize flag football tournament

August 10, 2021 at 3:13 pm Flag-Football : Footballers play for a good cause A helmet from the Frankfurt Galaxy – here quarterback Jakeb Sullivan – will be auctioned on Saturday. Photo: imago images / Kessler-Sportfotografie / Juergen Kessler via Merzig Flag football tournament of the Merzig Mustangs: Proceeds will go to the flood […]