elected officials are falling apart on Twitter

Then his assistant Florence Delaunay, the only member of the majority present, could not finish her speech, while the public symbolically turned their backs on her. The reaction of the environmentalist majority was made on Sunday evening, on social networks. The mayor of the 1st arrondissement Yasmine Bouagga estimated that when someone pays tribute to […]

Anyone who doesn’t get solar panels on their roof is robbing their own family

People desperate for electricity bills are falling for a new myth, unaware that they are entering a game that has been played here before. It’s just that the second round is more subtle in taking money out of taxpayers’ pockets, and it will also be more expensive as the path to other people’s pockets opens […]

two injured taken to hospital

The firefighters intervened urgently this Thursday evening in the Semailles district, in Rillieux-la-Pape. Shortly before 9:30 p.m., the rescuers moved to rue de Bruxelles to put out the fire which had started in an apartment on the fifth floor of a building. Two people were slightly injured by the blaze, presumably from inhaling noxious fumes. […]

Davos is everything to them – Newspaper Kommersant No. 8 (7453) of 01/18/2023

On Tuesday, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict became the main topic for discussions of world politicians in several places at once. Thus, a representative delegation from Washington came to Kyiv to discuss the details of American assistance. However, the meetings of the guests from the United States with their Ukrainian colleagues were relatively quiet, behind closed doors, […]

The five best and cheapest neighborhoods in New York

Minutes from the city center it is possible to stay in picturesque areas and for much more convenient prices. Find cheap accommodation in NY It is not a simple task. It is that sharing the daily life of New Yorkers “has its price”, many times considerably higher than that of other cities of its level. […]

Funding and the current global conditions are the most prominent challenges of “fintech”

History 1/14/2023 7:30:40 PM (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) Financial experts and entrepreneurs specializing in the financial technology sector (FinTech) in Dubai unanimously agreed that the lack of financing and global economic problems resulting from the current geopolitical tensions are the most prominent challenges that the sector is currently facing. A number of FinTech experts and entrepreneurs and […]

In China, 60,000 Covid-19-related deaths were registered in a month

Nearly 60,000 Covid-19-related deaths have been recorded in China in the month since quarantine restrictions were eased in early December, the Medical Administration Office of the National Health Commission announced on Saturday. Between December 8 and January 12, 59,938 deaths related to Covid-19 were registered, the head of the office, Jiao Yahui, said. The total […]

Lithuania has not surrendered its freedom for a moment

The President of Ukraine was invited to address the Lithuanian Parliament in connection with the Seimas awarding him the annual Freedom Prize. “I want to thank you for the fact that you have not given up freedom for a single moment – not only during these 323 days of the cruel, inhuman Russian war, when […]