In Poland, a 29-year-old Ukrainian died in an accident / GORDON

The accident occurred on the morning of January 8th. As senior sergeant Caroline Zeemann from the district police department told the channel, according to preliminary data, the car driven by the Ukrainian “for unknown reasons” drove into the oncoming lane and collided with another car, which was driving according to the rules. The Ukrainian was […]

GET READY! In 2022, Two Suns Collision Can Be Seen From Earth

SULUT PORTAL – Quoted by North Sulawesi Portal, January 5, 2022 from the South Sulawesi Media Channel Youtube, sharing information year 2022 crash two suns can be seen from Earth, reminiscent of 1800 years ago, happened crash two suns, will it happen, here’s the review: Around 1800 years ago in the 3rd century AD the […]

The Suez Canal made an unprecedented profit in a year

Photo: Maxar Blockage of the Suez Canal in March 2021 Despite the six-day blockage, the annual revenue of one of the world’s most important transport routes reached a record high. Suez Canal revenues in 2021 totaled $ 6.3 billion, a record high since the opening of the waterway. About this on Sunday, January 2, reported […]

In Russia, a bus flew into a bridge support, five victims

Photo: State traffic inspectorate of the Ryazan region of the Russian Federation Heavy ice is cited as a preliminary cause of the accident. It is assumed that the driver has lost control on a frozen road. In the Ryazan region of Russia, a Neoplan bus crashed into a railroad bridge support. Five people died, another […]

Whatsapp bug December 2021: how to fix it? – Breakflip Awé

From time to time, applications or websites encounter bugs or connection problems. Is there a Whatsapp bug in December 2021? Despite their popularity, some websites or applications sometimes fail. This is particularly the case of Whatsapp, which could experience outages in December 2021. Therefore, some Internet users could be likely to seek solutions to try […]

Airplane crashed in California, no survivors – media

Photo: Crash site A small Learjet aircraft crashed, probably due to bad weather conditions. The number on board is still unknown. A small Learjet plane crashed in California the night before. He crashed in the city of El-Cajon, reported on Tuesday, December 28, the TV company CNN citing local firefighters and the sheriff’s office. […]

Bus with passengers burned down in Zimbabwe after collision with fuel tanker

Photo: Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Forensic identification of victims may be required as some people were burned beyond recognition. In eastern Zimbabwe, a passenger bus collided with a fuel tanker, resulting in numerous casualties. About it reported Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation on Friday 24 December. According to eyewitnesses, the Beta bus traveling from Harare to Mutare drove […]

In order to avoid the Earth from the apocalypse, NASA sends a plane into space

CIRCLE KEDIRI – Nasa launches DART craft into space to prevent doomsday that can destroy the earth. The apocalypse in question is crash asteroid that will hit the earth. Please note, the plane is a mission NASA to demonstrate the design of planetary defense systems by deflecting asteroid potentially hitting the earth. Also Read: Zodiac […]