Leaders of authoritarian regimes followed journalists, academics and businessmen. They used spyware from Israel – investigation

Pegasus infiltrates iOS and Android devices. It allows operators to retrieve messages, photos and emails, record calls, and secretly activate microphones. The NSO Group program is designed to be used against criminals and terrorists. Investigators say the software may have been used by the governments of at least 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, […]

Indonesia Lockdown in Bahrain, Entered Red List in England

Jakarta – The soaring daily cases of Corona in Indonesia have made friendly countries tighten their borders. Bahrain put Indonesia on the red list along with 15 other countries. So is England. Even though they both treat Indonesia as a red list, there are differences. Citing a Bahrain News Agency (BNA) report from the Saudi […]

Expert: Sinopharm Vaccine Side Effects Similar to Sinovac

Merdeka.com – Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), Prof. Zullies Ikawati, said that the side effects of using the Sinopharm vaccine generally do not require treatment and get better faster. “Because it has the same platform as the Sinovac vaccine, the side effect profile is also similar. The frequency of side […]

Wolff wants clarity and no Shakespeare announcements – sport

Sakhir (dpa) – Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has called for clarity in the interpretation of the rules after the spectacular opening race of Formula 1. Even if his superstar Lewis Hamilton benefited from it at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Wolff demanded: “We have to be consistent with the announcements that are made.” He was […]

Gasparini’s comment – Hamilton’s greatness in a sentence

Not only a driving phenomenon, but also a champion of steadfast nerves and communication. After a whole weekend in the shadow of Verstappen, Hamilton takes over the reins of the race at the decisive moment and reaffirms his power There is a moment, more than others, that gives the measure of the whole. He crashes […]

Boom the wall! The billionaire’s son ended his F1 debut after a few seconds

He did not enjoy his Formula 1 debut for long. His Haas team is considered the biggest outsider at the beginning of the season, and shortly after the sharp start of the Bahrain Grand Prix he made a gross riding mistake. Russian rookie Nikita Mazepin lost control of his monopost, flew off the track and […]

Verstappen won both training sessions in Bahrain, Hamilton was third

Dutch driver Max Verstappen continues to confirm the role of this year’s main challenger, Lewis Hamilton, by winning both of today’s training sessions at the inaugural Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix. The reigning champion Hamilton set the fourth fastest time first and then the third fastest time overall. Valtteri Bottas during training for the Bahrain […]

Formula 1, Sainz and Leclerc: “Believe in us: Ferrari will win”

The couple of young drivers on the eve of the start of Formula 1 recount the friendship, rivalry and ambitions that brought them to Maranello together The red house has a new tenant: it is Carlos Sainz, son of a rally legend. He and Charles Leclerc, who took the keys to Maranello from former captain […]

UN Human Rights Council Supports Israel Arms Embargo

loading… GENEVA – The UN Human Rights Council (HAM) approved a resolution calling for it arms embargo to Israel . The resolution received support from several countries Europe but rejected by Bahrain who previously supported the action. The resolution passed with support 32-6 and contains strong language against Israeli human rights practices. “Call on UN […]