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Red Sea Low Pressure System Brings Heavy Rain and Flooding to Middle East – Expert Warning

Father Eli Khneisser, a specialist in weather conditions and climatology, reported that after a long absence of the Red Sea low due to the activity of the Azorean high over North Africa for about two months, which blocked the polar currents from Greece, Cyprus and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, it erupts today with its low pressure over Sudan and Egypt and expands towards the north. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon will reach Turkey and Cyprus, so the atmospheric pressure values ​​in the Middle East will decline to 1004-1006 hpa, which will cause the flow of cold northern winds from the north, and warm, humid southern winds from the Arabian Sea up towards the Red Sea, forming a giant depression that will begin to have an effect. It will affect Egypt, northern Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Palestine on Sunday evening, and will affect Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

As of Monday, rain will begin in Lebanon noticeably, supported by the jet stream that will cross over northern Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon, which will contribute to doubling the precipitation, turning Monday afternoon into heavy and Tuesday dawn into torrential rain in most Lebanese regions, accompanied by a high percentage of lightning strikes and hailstones, so Lebanon enters a phase. There is a risk of torrential rains, floods, and high water levels on the roads. The Syrian, Jordanian, and Iraqi regions have a high share of heavy rainfall that will contribute to the formation of torrential torrential rains.

Saturday weather: Sunny and warm with high clouds.
Sunday’s weather: Warm, springy, with a slight rise in temperatures.

Khneisser stressed that winter is not over yet, as Lebanon and the region are facing several cold depressions, and the second part of March seems to bring with it good things by 70%.

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