The Conflict Between Ukraine and Russia Continues: International Athletics Federation Upholds Sanctions Barring Russian Participation in Global Competitions on March 21st.

Hungary would not arrest Putin if he entered its territory. The head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s cabinet, Viktor Orbán, Gergely Gulyas, has assured that the country has not introduced the Rome Statute into its legal system, which gave birth to the International Criminal Court (ICC), the court that has opened a case against Putin […]

The missile graveyard that uncovers Russia

The northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv was one of the hardest hit during Moscow’s offensive into the region last year, before Ukrainian forces prevailed. Located some forty kilometers from the Russian border, it is still under regular fire from the invaders. On the outskirts of the city, in a place that is kept secret, the […]

Metsola, back to kyiv: Ukraine’s future is as a member of the EU

Vessel in front of Odessa, launches missiles against kyiv. Brussels, The The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, who is visiting Ukraine again, stressed tonight that “Ukraine’s future is as a member of the European Union” and that the EU will accompany the country throughout this process.o. “Ukraine’s future is as a member of […]

Report from New York: Diplomatic tension over minute of silence at the UN

First modification: 25/02/2023 – 04:06 01:16 An episode of diplomatic tension took place at a special session of the United Nations Security Council, which dealt with the war in Ukraine as a central issue. After a minute of silence in memory of the victims and casualties in the war, the representatives of Russia and Ukraine […]

Report from New York: UN Assembly calls for an end to hostilities in Ukraine

First modification: 24/02/2023 – 01:35 01:31 The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. The Assembly demanded the cessation of hostilities, assuring that “a just and lasting peace is needed.” The quote reveals the latent isolation of the West towards Russia. More information from […]

“Peace has a chance”

12:55 G7: determined to continue military support to Kiev The G7 members reaffirm “their determination to continue to support Ukraine in exercising its right to defend itself from an invasion by Russia, including by providing military and defense assistance”. This can be read in the final document of the meeting of ministers at the Munich […]

new Russian offensive within 10 days

13:22 Financial Times: Russia will launch new offensive within ten days Within the next 10 days, Russia plans to launch a new large-scale offensive. This was stated by the Financial Times, which quotes an anonymous adviser to the Ukrainian armed forces. According to the FT, Kiev has received “very reliable intelligence data” on the Russian […]

Ukraine, Moscow denies bombing of apartment block in Dnipro – Europe

Russia has denied bombing the apartment building in Dnipro, in Ukraine. Moscow’s armed forces “do not target residential buildings,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, and quoted Alexei Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, as saying the missile that hit Dnipro on Saturday was not intentionally fired at a building residential. “You have all seen […]