Aneta Vignerová cried after a day with her son, then…

Aneta Vignerová with her son Source: Profmedia Model Aneta Vignerová hasn’t been having a happy time since mid-August, when director Petr Kolečko left her. While it seemed like everything was going to be all right at one point, another slap soon came. Luckily she has her son Jiřík by her side, who is her biggest […]

Congressman was not elected – Mir – Kommersant

The Republican Party of the United States is plagued by scandals. A new problem has come from where they didn’t expect. Elected from New York state to the House of Representatives, George Santos was not who he claimed to be. It turned out that the official biography of the 34-year-old Republican seriously contrasts with his […]

Butler scored 26 straight, George scored 29, Heat narrowly beat Clippers – yqqlm

Original title: Butler scored 26 straight points, George scored 29, Heat narrowly beat Clippers On December 9 Beijing time in the NBA regular season, the Clippers lost 110-115 to the Heat. Stats: Heat, Adebayor 31 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, Butler 26 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals, Hiro 19 points, 9 […]

Like rabbit and hedgehog – Breisgau district league

DISTRICT LEAGUE Like rabbit and hedgehog In the Freiburg city derby between SF Eintracht and FC Freiburg-St. Georgen, the players must have felt like the rabbit in the Grimms’ tale of the rabbit and the hedgehog: The home team had just taken the lead when the visitors equalised. Or, seen the other way around: St. […]

George Wassouf Plays Songs of Warda and the Nightingale in “Betkalam Ali”

Unleash the Sultan of Ecstasy George Wasouf His new song is called “Betkalam Ali” written by the Egyptian poet Amir TuaimaIt was composed by Lebanese singer Ziad Bourji, distributed by Zaher Deeb and produced by Rudolf Jabr. The song was shot as a video clip in Lebanon, signed by director Elie Al-Samaan. The idea of […]

Nesvačilová isn’t surprised enough: after a night together, the Vigners and…

Just a few days ago, it seemed like Aneta Vignerová was successfully getting over her breakup with director Petr Koleček, and her relatively brief relationship with actress Denisa Nesvačilová has left her cold. But in the end there was a 180 degree turn that no one expected. Vignerová spent the night with Koleček. And Nesvačil’s […]

Much going on in Heitersheim – Breisgau district league

lass=”ngBzhz18″>There is plenty to do in Heitersheim There is a turbulent week behind FC Heitersheim. On the one hand, there was the bailiff’s ruling, which meant that the 5:3 away win at FC Freiburg-St. Georgen was converted in a 0:3 defeat due to an error in the substitution. On the other hand, the club and […]