George Wassouf loses his eldest son, Wadih… a painful loss

The Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, has lost his eldest son, Wadih, due to complications of a surgical operation he performed a few days ago.

A medical source from “Saint Joseph” hospital, “An-Nahar”, said the death was announced around 11pm.

An-Nahar said Wadih underwent gastric sleeve surgery more than a week ago.

According to the narration of one of his close collaborators, Wadih had a sudden illness at home and passed out, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital, where hemorrhage was found which required his urgent hospitalization in intensive care. to begin the necessary medical procedures, which explained the publication of the artist Elisa and the media, Mona Abu Hamza, asking for help in securing the blood units at Saint Joseph Hospital, where Wadih is hospitalized.

Sultan Al-Tarab, Wadih Shalimar’s mother, her family and a large number of George Wassouf’s lovers spent last night in the hospital near Wadih.

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