What did Bashar al-Assad ask for Wadih George Wassouf’s funeral in Syria?

“MTV” channel said the Syrian city of Kafroun will witness a massive public reception for the body of the late Wadih Wassouf, son of “Sultan of Tarab” George Wassouf.

According to the channel, the funeral procession left from Ashrafieh towards Syria, noting that the reception ceremony, which will take place today at 5 pm, takes place according to the directives of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A mass for soul remembrance was celebrated this morning and will be held at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in Ashrafieh, with the late family, lovers and friends in attendance, as well as crowds of artists and media professionals.

Wadih Wassouf’s body arrived at the church at around 10.45am, when he was lifted by the hand inside the church, amid screams and cries from his family and loved ones.

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