Aneta Vignerová spent Christmas with her son and mother:…

Aneta Vignerová had a painful breakup with Petr Koleček and went to her native Havířov during the holidays to heal her broken heart. The model showed on Instagram a photo of her mother, with whom she spent Christmas, and viewers were amazed.

Aneta Vignerová was still trying to mend her relationship with the infidel Petr Koleček, with whom she has a son Jiřík, just before Christmas. However, less than two weeks after his official return, the screenwriter once again fell under the spell of red-haired actress Denisa Nesvačilová, and closed the door on Vignerová for good.

The proud Havířov native bravely bears the whole situation and has decided to spend her first Christmas without her partner with her family.

In order for the beautiful model to show everyone that she has already put the whole thing with Koleček behind her, she shot one video after another during the holidays and even involved her beautiful mother as an influencer.

You are my biggest hero

“A gift tip for mom or grandma. I can recommend it to me and my mom,” wrote Aneta Vignerová in the video, where she tries out skin rejuvenating creams with her mother.

Followers immediately surrounded the model and her mother with flattery. “You have a beautiful mother. You are like sisters,” praised the fans. Vignerová later shared an edited video of this year’s celebrations and didn’t miss a note on Petar Koleček.

“Yes, you are my biggest hero. I will and did what I could! We are not the three musketeers, but the two of us will be together forever,” wrote Aneta in a touching confession to her son Jiříček.

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Aneta Vignerová is very similar to her mother

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