What did Bashar al-Assad ask for Wadih George Wassouf’s funeral in Syria?

“MTV” channel said the Syrian city of Kafroun will witness a massive public reception for the body of the late Wadih Wassouf, son of “Sultan of Tarab” George Wassouf. According to the channel, the funeral procession left from Ashrafieh towards Syria, noting that the reception ceremony, which will take place today at 5 pm, takes […]

George Wassouf loses his eldest son, Wadih… a painful loss

The Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, has lost his eldest son, Wadih, due to complications of a surgical operation he performed a few days ago. A medical source from “Saint Joseph” hospital, “An-Nahar”, said the death was announced around 11pm. An-Nahar said Wadih underwent gastric sleeve surgery more than a week ago. According to the […]

George Wassouf’s son’s deteriorating health… Is Wadih in danger?

After Elissa’s tweet, in which she asked to donate blood O+ via “Twitter” to a patient of a hospital in the capital Beirut, ET in Arabic learned that the patient could be Wadih Ibn George Wassouf, as he would have entered the hospital for a operation and suffered some complications, which necessitated the request for […]

Aneta Vignerová spent Christmas with her son and mother:…

Aneta Vignerová had a painful breakup with Petr Koleček and went to her native Havířov during the holidays to heal her broken heart. The model showed on Instagram a photo of her mother, with whom she spent Christmas, and viewers were amazed. Aneta Vignerová was still trying to mend her relationship with the infidel Petr […]

Aneta Vignerová cried after a day with her son, then…

Aneta Vignerová with her son Source: Profmedia Model Aneta Vignerová hasn’t been having a happy time since mid-August, when director Petr Kolečko left her. While it seemed like everything was going to be all right at one point, another slap soon came. Luckily she has her son Jiřík by her side, who is her biggest […]

Congressman was not elected – Mir – Kommersant

The Republican Party of the United States is plagued by scandals. A new problem has come from where they didn’t expect. Elected from New York state to the House of Representatives, George Santos was not who he claimed to be. It turned out that the official biography of the 34-year-old Republican seriously contrasts with his […]

Butler scored 26 straight, George scored 29, Heat narrowly beat Clippers – yqqlm

Original title: Butler scored 26 straight points, George scored 29, Heat narrowly beat Clippers On December 9 Beijing time in the NBA regular season, the Clippers lost 110-115 to the Heat. Stats: Heat, Adebayor 31 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, Butler 26 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals, Hiro 19 points, 9 […]