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Aneta Vignerová cried after a day with her son, then…

Aneta Vignerová with her son

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Model Aneta Vignerová hasn’t been having a happy time since mid-August, when director Petr Kolečko left her. While it seemed like everything was going to be all right at one point, another slap soon came. Luckily she has her son Jiřík by her side, who is her biggest support.

Breakup, comeback, another disappointment. The year 2022 is really busy for model Aneta Vignerová. At least the second half. After breaking up with director Petr Koleček, who preferred actress Denise Nesvačilová over her, her beauty went through a rather difficult period. This may have been exacerbated by Kolečko’s attempt to return, which ended in fiasco, and despite encouragement, the director eventually returned to Nesvačilová.

A beautiful day with my son

However, despite everything that has happened, the model tries to smile and looks at the whole situation with perspective. And not only for himself, but mainly for the sake of his son Jiřík, because he does not want him to perceive his parents’ separation in any fundamental way.

Even so, it’s clear that the beauty is emotionally exhausted. She recently went to the cinema with her son and admitted that even her fairy tale managed to really drive her crazy. “I can’t even go to the movies anymore. Every fairy tale makes me cry. But again, show the kids the good and the bad… It’s developing,” she sighed in her Instagram Stories.

The Two Musketeers

Son Jiřík is his mother’s biggest support in difficult times. He makes her happy, can cheer her up and always showers her with hugs and kisses. “Yes, you are my biggest hero. I will and I did what I could. We are not the three musketeers, but the two of us will be together forever, “she said on social media to the video of cuddling with her son, adding two red hearts after the text.

It is clear that this Christmas will not be the happiest for Vigner in many respects, but she can count on Jiřík to give her the necessary energy and together they will enjoy the holidays as they should.

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