The absence of Syrian stars from the funeral of Wadih George Wassouf in Kafroun creates confusion and the union clarifies

The absence of Syria stars from the funeral of Wadih Ibn Sultan al-Tarab, George Wassouf, which was held yesterday in his hometown in the city of Kafroun, has caused great confusion among followers who have asked why.
To clarify the matter, the head of the Damascus branch of the Artists Union, Tamader Ghanem, told Fuchsia that the union preferred to leave the day of the funeral to the family, village and friends of the deceased to say goodbye, and the first day of condolence, today, Monday, the head of the Artists Union, Mohsen Ghazi and his deputy, Hadi Parsley, will accompany them with the secretary of the Damascus branch. At the Artists Union, also Dr. Simon Khoury as heads of the branches of the union in the Syrian governorates, to pay tribute.
Ghanem added that the captain’s presence and his presence are considered representative of Syrian artists in general.
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