Nesvačilová isn’t surprised enough: after a night together, the Vigners and…

Just a few days ago, it seemed like Aneta Vignerová was successfully getting over her breakup with director Petr Koleček, and her relatively brief relationship with actress Denisa Nesvačilová has left her cold. But in the end there was a 180 degree turn that no one expected. Vignerová spent the night with Koleček. And Nesvačil’s […]

Much going on in Heitersheim – Breisgau district league

lass=”ngBzhz18″>There is plenty to do in Heitersheim There is a turbulent week behind FC Heitersheim. On the one hand, there was the bailiff’s ruling, which meant that the 5:3 away win at FC Freiburg-St. Georgen was converted in a 0:3 defeat due to an error in the substitution. On the other hand, the club and […]

Strong reaction – Breisgau district league

strong reaction How important is the 3: 2 success of the former state league team FC Freiburg-St. Georgen against Prechtal / Oberprechtal, a look at the ranking clarifies: only two points separate Roberto Palermo’s team from the sure twelfth place. However, Freiburg fell behind at the start against strong Prechtlers. Palermo complained about the lack […]

Clear to clear! They revealed the winner of “Games of Will” and for …

Georgi, who everyone calls Gogo, has emerged as the undisputed favorite in the fourth season of “Games of the Will”. His successes and the dedication with which he launches into every battle impress both the participants in the “Games” and the fans of the show, writes “Gogo Final”, “Tribe Man”, “Gogo is my favorite: […]