European countries are hunting Russian spies

A number of revelations in recent years have shown that Europe’s fear of centrally located Russian spies has been well-founded, and with the war in Ukraine, the hunt for them has stepped up. Earlier this month, two Iranian-born brothers in Sweden, Peyman (42) and Payam Kia (35), were found guilty of spying for Russia’s military […]

10 Science Facts about the Human Brain, Did You Know?

Jakarta – Brain humans have billions of neurons or nerve cells that can communicate in trillions of connections called synapses. The brain is not only the most important organ, but also the most magical organ because it holds the power that humans can use. Unfortunately, some people think of the brain as just the center […]

Naďa Urbanková ended up in hospital. Pray for her, the daughter begs

Singer and actress Naďa Urbanková (83) ended up in hospital. She is fighting covid-19, the doctors won’t even let her immediate family see her. On Thursday, her daughter Jana Fabiánová (43) informed about her mother’s state of health on social networks. All supporters are asking for healing prayers. “If you have a piece of prayer […]

Earth’s core has stopped, say scientists. They say it’s not dangerous

Chinese scientists from Peking University published shocking research. According to their calculations, the Earth’s inner core has completely stopped and changed its direction of motion. However, scientists reassure that no catastrophic scenarios are imminent. The Earth’s inner core is said to have completely stopped. According to Chinese scientists, this was most likely to happen in […]

Prince Harry has admitted an intimate problem. Lady Diana’s medicine helped him

He can’t just attack relatives, Prince Harry revealed a lot of spicy things about himself. He admitted an intimate problem he had been struggling with for weeks. When he began to come to terms with the fact that he would suffer forever, his tragically late mother Princess Diana’s favorite cream saved him. In the scandalous […]

Japan launches new reconnaissance satellite

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries launched an H2A rocket on the morning of January 26 with a Radar 7 satellite designed to collect information. This publication reports Nikkei. The launch was carried out at the Tanegashima Space Center (Minamitane, Kagoshima Prefecture). It was planned for January 25, but was postponed due to bad weather […]

The legendary rock band announced the end. The reasons are moving to tears

The popular American rock group Panic! at the Disco is ending for good. The breakup was announced by its frontman and in the last five years the only member Brandon Urie on Instagram. He also explained the reasons that led him to do this after almost 20 years on the scene. After almost 20 years, […]

Paris Hilton became a mother. The first photo with the longed-for baby

The heir to the hotel empire, Paris Hilton, took the whole world by storm. At the age of 41, she became a mother for the first time. She and her husband, Carter Reum, an American businessman, have a healthy baby boy. Hilton announced the happy news on Instagram. “We already love you more than words […]