AHHA PS Pati FC Lost WO 0-3 to Persis and Penalized IDR 90 Million

AHHA PS PATI FC AHHA PS Pati FC match BOLASPORT.COM – The PSSI Appeal Committee decides the club League 2 2021, AHHA PS Pati FC, will still be sentenced. The punishment is based on the violation that has been committed AHHA PS Pati FC. To be precise, AHHA PS Pati fielded players who were currently […]

Not only methadone was found in Polyakov’s blood – Yenin

Photo: facebook.com/anton.polyakov.98 Diphenhydramine, methadone and alcohol found in Anton Polyakov’s tests A mixture of methadone with diphenhydramine is called “street methadone”. It was she who was found in the analyzes of the people’s deputy. In addition to methadone and alcohol, diphenhydramine was found in the blood of the deceased People’s Deputy Anton Polyakov. This was […]

It turns out that this is what makes the ant bite painful -AKURAT News

AKURATNEWS – You may have felt excruciating pain from the bite of a small ant. The bite is able to penetrate the skin and even human flesh. Scientists have known that some of the body parts of small animals that are pierced and slashed are impregnated with metals such as zinc and manganese, making the […]

PSMS Receives Tournament Invitations from Nine Sport, Ada Persija, Persib, and Persebaya

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com/Ilham Fazrir Harahap The PSMS Medan players listened to the direction of coach Philep Hansen. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – PSMS Medan get an invitation to take part in the tournament that was held Nine Sport. This was announced PSMS Medan via the club’s official Instagram account, Tuesday (18/5/2021). Several clubs from League 1 and League […]

In the Hands of Kaesang, Exactly Collaborates with English Clubs

KOMPAS.COM – Kaesang Pangarep made a breakthrough after acquiring Exactly Solo. The son of President Joko Widodo has collaborated with a British club, Oxford United. Kaesang Pangarep as the main director of Persis Solo plans to launch the original Solo Raya children to play in Persis and in the Indonesian National Team. “I really want […]

Found a way to detect Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear

Sweden, 01 Dec 2020. /LIVE24/. A group of scientists from Sweden and the UK have developed a way to predict Alzheimer’s disease. For diagnosis, only a blood test of the patient is sufficient. It turned out that it is these data that can tell about the signs of cognitive disorder that have not yet manifested. […]

The 6 most common symptoms of coronavirus are listed

Today, 08:30 | author: Maria Solovieva | Photo ru.depositphotos.com Symptoms coronavirus are very similar to ARVI, which makes it difficult to recognize an infection. The experts explained which symptoms point specifically to Covid-19. Doctors note that about 50% of those infected with coronavirus carry the disease asymptomatically. Moreover, 80% have symptoms resembling ARVI. Among the […]