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Discover the Health Benefits of Eating Dates Before Bed: Egypt Leads World in Date Production


Egypt is in first place in the world in the production of dates, with about 18%, and in the Arab world, with about 24% of the Arab production, with several fertile palm trees exceeding 16 million palm trees, and he tries to establish the biggest palm. farm in the world with a total of 2.3 million palm trees in the regions of Toshka and Owainat.

The price of a kilogram of dates in Egypt this year is between 30 pounds and 400 pounds, depending on the type, and the most expensive one is the registered one, Dr. Bahaa Naji, a therapeutic nutrition consultant, said that dates- eating day before bed provides the body with many amazing benefits, but it is necessary to eat them in moderation.

1- Dates before bed help to get rid of insomnia.

2- Dates before bed contribute to the health of the digestive system, as they contain a lot of dietary fiber, which improves bowel movement, relieves asthma, and facilitates digestion and excretion processes.

3- Dates before bed play an important role in reducing the incidence of anemia, as they provide the body with iron, which works to produce red blood cells, which responsible for sending oxygen to all parts of the body.

4- The immune system becomes stronger when eating dates before bed, because they contain antioxidants, which increase the body’s ability to fight against bacteria and viruses.

5- People who eat dates before bed have strong bones, because they contain minerals that help strengthen them and protect them from fractures and fragility, such as calcium and manganese.

6- Dates before bed are very important for the health of the central nervous system, as they are rich in vitamin B complex, which strengthens the nerves and improves the cognitive abilities of the brain.

7- Date kernels have a potential role in protecting the liver from fibrosis, by preventing liver toxicity, in addition to the anti-inflammatory properties of dates.

8- Dates before bed reduce the risk of heart disease, as their fibers reduce harmful cholesterol in the body.

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