Why stars are taken to hospitals with pneumonia, but at the same time they don’t find coronavirus

The pandemic seemed to many to be something far away, until the hospital beds in Kommunark and other clinics filled up thousands of patients, including stellar ones.

One of the first coronavirus seized 78-year-old Lev Leshchenko. Fortunately, the pop artist has already been discharged from the clinic. And here is the 70 year old Nadezhda Babkina while under observation in a hospital near Moscow. According to the singer’s press service, Nadezhda Georgievna was diagnosed with pneumonia. However, surrounded by the artist, they say that Babkina herself was sure before hospitalization: her coronavirus.

– March 19, we celebrated the anniversary of Nadezhda Georgievna. She invited about 40 people, mainly employees of her theater, – saidKP” girlfriend Babkina.

Banquet tables were set in the lobby of the theater. Next to Nadia was her friend Ada, who flew to her birthday party from USA. Exactly one day later, Ada’s beloved was hospitalized with coronavirus. Nadezhda also began to cough, a temperature appeared. She was treated at home for a week, then, when she became completely ill, asked to be taken to Kommunarka.

Upon learning of the ailment of the star, her theater team passed tests for coronavirus, they turned out to be negative. Only co-host Babkina under the “Fashion sentence” Alexander suffered Vasiliev, who was also admitted to the hospital with sudden pneumonia and suspected coronavirus. The stylist suggested in an interview with KP that she had contracted the infection from Nadezhda Georgievna, but she was not offended by her friend, since at the time of their last meeting she did not know that she was sick.

“So hard I never got sick”

Stas Mikhailov while also in quarantine. The artist left the Lapino clinic near Moscow, where he got with bilateral pneumonia. But the final test showed that he still had the coronavirus.

– How are you feeling now? – we asked the singer.

– While there is a weakness. After that, you need to recover for a month. Slowly I enter the mode.

– What were the initial symptoms? Fever, cough?

– I lost my sense of smell. If you have the same symptom, do not blame it on allergies, this is already a bell of the initial stage of the disease. In someone, the virus goes away without any particular symptoms. Someone is just coughing. Third, like mine, loss of smell, temperature.

According to Mikhailova, he could catch the virus on a plane on tour.

– I was treated for almost a week myself, as a result I brought myself to bilateral pneumonia, says the artist. – No need to self-medicate. At the first symptoms, it is advisable to immediately do a CT scan (computed tomography of the lungs. – Ed.). It is good that the doctors immediately sent me to a CT scan and, without waiting for the test results, they began to treat viral pneumonia. Thus, they won time. Thanks to all the doctors who are at the forefront today. They are now taking the first and terrible blow on themselves, saving our lives.

Although the artist was first diagnosed with pneumonia, they treated him with coronavirus therapy.

– The first two tests did not show coronavirus. The third test, when there was an acute phase, the border came, ”Stas Mikhailov told KP. – The fourth test was already negative. Then I did an antibody test. He has already shown that I have coronavirus antibodies. My hunch that I still had the coronavirus was confirmed and Rospotrebnadzor. Apparently, the test error percentage is very large, and I don’t understand how they work. If a person has a weak form of coronavirus, if this muck sits somewhere deep in the throat, tests may not show anything. But these people can be peddlers …

Offered his plasma for the vaccine

“Even before the test, I suspected that I had a coronavirus,” says Stas. – Feels like everything was going on and how I was treated. So hard I have never been sick. I lay in hospital for five days, then I was treated at home, dug up – all together for almost two weeks. Now my treatment has officially ended, but the doctors said that I should avoid contact for another two weeks.

After an antibody test, Stas Mikhailov publicly offered doctors his plasma for research to help create a vaccine against coronavirus.

– It’s a big mistake that people leaving the hospital immediately begin to cuddle with loved ones. Even if you were discharged and your tests are negative, for another 10 to 12 days you are a carrier of coronavirus, ”the singer explains.

Lyudmila Narusova was taken by ambulance with pneumonia.Photo: TASS

Narusov was also treated as from COVID-19

Mom Ksenia Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova thundered to the hospital at the same time as composer Igor Nikolaev. And both coronavirus was not confirmed.

“I got three tests for the virus, and all are negative,” said Komsomolskaya Pravda Narusova. – It all started with the temperature. I called a doctor, he listened to me and immediately said that I had pneumonia. There were no pains and coughs. I know exactly where I got pneumonia. Someone opened a window in the pool, but I didn’t notice; I came out of the water in a wet bathing suit and I was blown away. Now I have already been discharged, I am sitting at home alone. My daughter lives nearby, she brings me groceries.


What causes so many patients with pneumonia?

Over the past month, many Russian stars suddenly for no reason fell ill with pneumonia, despite the fact that most did not detect coronavirus. “Maybe the virus mutated somehow?” we asked the virologist professor.

“Mutation is such a complex and rare process that you don’t even have to talk about it,” explained Virologist of the Institute. Gamalei Victor Zuev. – Why so much pneumonia? It’s just her time. They get pneumonia when the time comes for the flu. And we meet him when it’s cold, damp and windy. These three components reduce our immunity. Elderly people are especially sick with pneumonia, for them it is a common disease. Whether or not they have a coronavirus, the respiratory system is not all right there. This is for them the place of least resistance, as we doctors say. Therefore, there are so many diseases of pneumonia.


Who else got infected

With suspicion of coronavirus, rapper Ptaha, a participant in the show “The Last Hero”, was hospitalized. True, the coronavirus was not found in the artist.

“They put me in a hospital with pneumonia, but then a negative test came and they released me,” the rapper told fans. Bird.

But the TV presenter Aurora and her husband coronavirus confirmed. According to Aurora, she still does not understand where they became infected.

“Three weeks ago, there was no self-isolation, and we all lived a normal life — we worked, met friends in a cafe, went to the shops,” she says. – So there were a lot of options for getting infected.

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