Immunity against Covid-19 lasts at least six months

Judith de JorgeFOLLOW Madrid Updated:19/01/2021 08:13h save Related news People who have recovered from Covid-19 have shown immunity against the virus, but knowing how long that resistance lasts is of great concern to the scientific community. A new study by Rockefeller University in New York (USA) offers hope by concluding that, six months after infection, antibodies […]

Corona recoverers have immunity to the disease for 5 months … a study shows

A British study conducted on health care workers found that people who were infected with the Coronavirus are likely to have immunity to it for at least 5 months, but there is evidence that those who have antibodies may still be able to carry and spread the virus. The Indian Times Now website said TimesNowNewsThat […]

Covid-19: Immunity lasts for at least eight months in most

Are you protected against the new coronavirus as soon as you’ve become infected and survived the disease? The answer to this question is of immense importance to the course of the pandemic. Because only if a large part of the population gains immunity over time – be it through infection with the virus or through […]