Basiková finally in love: She packed the lord of Liberec on a date?

“He’s a gentleman from Liberec, I’m in love,” this was the words of Bara Basicwho values ​​her happiness immensely and did not want to say more about her new partner. So she took it very briefly. “It was a meeting of Bára Basiková with the lord of Liberec. Of course, he perceived me as a […]

Loss If It Hurts, Here Are 5 Characteristics of Friends You Must Maintain!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have good friends. Therefore, you are really at a loss, if you have found a healthy friendship, but it is wasted. The following are the types of friends that you must maintain and lose if you hurt them. Come on, check, what kind of friend is meant! 1. Always […]

How to tell a friend who is stuck in an unhealthy love relationship

Telling simple things about friends may be easy. But it will be different when it comes to personal relationships. This is considered to be more difficult. “If you want to share sensitive things, be supportive. When you see the signs gaslighting, say your opinion in a good way, “said Amelia. Amelia explained, one of the […]

Jitka Zelenková cries: THE DEATH OF A FRIEND!

Jitka Zelenková (71) made all the boards. “He was a great guy. A great sound director died, I’m so sorry, “the singer confided. For Jitka, Karl’s departure is a big blow. Not only did she lose her precious colleague, but he was something of a close relative to her. “He had a perfect family, with […]

Gott after her husband’s drug escapades: A NEW RELATIONSHIP IN FINLAND

Former guitarist of the Finnish metal band Stratovarius Timo Tolkki (55) promised his wife a better life. But the moment they got an apartment, the musician disappeared to Mexico, where – according to his words – he will make a lot of money and send it to his wife. But how about the daily Aha! […]

Cruel drama at the age of 22 Irena froze Burgas!

A 22-year-old woman from Burgas attempted suicide by throwing herself from the 3rd floor, writes The drama took place late last night – around 22:00 in the second entrance of block 57 in Bratya Miladinovi. She jumped from the mezzanine window and fell on the canopy over the front door of the block. The […]

Delon cries for Belmond († 88), but … They hated each other for years!

“It would be nice if we left together, because we started together 60 years ago,” lamented the actor, who has often thought about death in recent years, and even sold his watch collection because, he said, he hated inheritance proceedings. Both were famous, sometimes denying mutual rivalry, sometimes feeding. But they respected each other. That’s […]

Confirmed! Singer Olga Lounová has a new handsome guy!

“Yes, I am assigned. I’m happy. I guess I can say that. But I won’t talk about my partner until the wedding, ” she confided Lounova website. The singer also visited the film festival in Vary. She had a concert on the colonnade. After a while, however, she returned to acting. “Last time I […]