Ready… Celltrion Corona New Drug, Only Food and Drug Administration Decision Left

CT-P59 (ingredient name regdanvimab), a novel corona 19 antibody drug developed by Celltrion. Source = Newsis [이코노믹리뷰=황진중 기자] It is expected that Celltrion (068270) will be transferred to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for approval of the new Corona 19 antibody drug CT-P59 (ingredient name Regdanvimab), which is being developed by itself. Celltrion […]

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety “A domestic antibody treatment development company reveals plans to apply for use approval within this month”

Celltrion is producing commercially available quantities of’CT-P59′, a new corona19 antibody drug. Source = Celltrion [이코노믹리뷰=황진중 기자] The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety emphasized that a domestic antibody treatment development company plans to apply for approval in December. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is undergoing a preliminary review on three vaccine items […]

New York study finds antibodies in one in five

New York study finds antibodies in one in five Could 1.7 million New Yorkers already be immune to the coronavirus? That seems to suggest a new study – but that might be an exaggeration. In the US state of New York, which is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic, significantly more people could already […]

Study: Corona antibodies also present after nine months – Coronavirus Vienna

22.12.2020 09:03 (Akt. 22.12.2020 09:03) Corona antibodies could be detected in the blood longer than originally assumed. © (Subject) As part of the “Wachau Study”, it was found that antibodies against the coronavirus are still largely detectable in the blood of previously infected people even after nine months. Antibodies against the coronavirus were still […]

Study: Antibodies also present after 9 months | Danube Private University (DPU)

Background immunity with SARS CoV2 also appears to exist Krems (OTS) – The Danube Private University in Krems-Stein (DPU) carried out a further test as part of its “Wachau study” on the prevalence and immunity of the population, the results of which showed that the specific antibodies were largely still in the blood after nine […]

Babies in Singapore Born with COVID-19 Antibodies, What Causes It?

While in a report in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, Doctors in China are reporting the detection and reduction of COVID-19 antibodies over time in babies born to positive mothers. To InsiderPediatrician and neonatologist Jessica Madden said that in some cases, this kind of report was to be expected. This is because IgG antibodies, which […]

Possible risk with corona vaccines | Telepolis

Sars-CoV-2 viruses. Image: NIAID /CC BY-2.0 Vaccines that use the spike protein, as observed in Mers and Sars studies, could lead to the formation of infection-enhancing antibodies and immune pathogenesis Many questions about the new vaccines, which are likely to be approved shortly, are still unknown. It is unclear how long they protect, whether they […]

United States: the New York subway, reflection of a city on the platform

Every five minutes, the speakers on the platform crackle: “We remind you that the metro is reserved for essential trips. You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Be careful, and thank you for making this trip with us. ” “It’s not like we have a choice! squeaks José, in his forties, […]

Recent Study, Men Produce More Covid-19 Antibodies than Women

For these findings, the research team prepared a specific and multipurpose Covid-19 serology test at home. They then monitored the antibody levels of more than 300 Covid patients in hospitals, health workers, and more than 200 volunteers who had recovered from Covid. Study results cross-sectional These six months represent a classic pattern of rapid increases […]