Céline Scheen, the singer of Plombières: from heaven to hell, in 2020

<!– By Loïc Manguette | Posted on 12/28/2020 9:40 PM If the year 2020 had started wonderfully for the Plombimontoise Céline Scheen with a nomination for the Grammy Awards, it quickly turned for the worse with the health crisis and the impossibility for this singer to have cash flow … ******* ******* *********** *** *** […]

Riding school is fighting for survival

November 9, 2020 at 7:10 am Looking for a new home : “Who will save my riding school?” <!– <!– <!– Photo: Müller Krefeld / District of Viersen Three years ago a riding school from Krefeld had to move to Gefrather Land. Now she is fighting for survival again. <!– “I am a fighter by […]

Quentin Tyrou in the hell of Verneuil’s disease

In appearance, Quentin Tyrou is like all young people his age. With the difference that he is a force of nature: tall, strong, no wonder this football fan has also played rugby for five or six years at the local club. So at first glance, we could say that all is well for someone who […]

Shaken »overweight« Lucinka by Matuš: HELL FROM AN Unexpected SIDE

They are said to be a problem Matušovy overly intrusive admirers. “I am forbidden to communicate with female fans. Lucka is worse off of the fan. It’s almost cute to be jealous, but sometimes it’s too much. There had been a bit of conflict before. If it was on Lucca, she would have kicked them […]

TESTIMONY. Domestic violence: “With confinement, some children go through hell

Cécile Peronnet, from the Family Protection Brigade, in Rennes, treats all domestic violence, whether physical, psychological or sexual. She recounts her daily work during this confinement. “I work at the Family Protection Brigade, in Rennes, which orchestrates a network of seventy referents in the Ille-et-Vilaine department. With the network, we deal with all domestic violence, […]

Greece: at Teleperformance, worry on the phone

“Every day, I have a lump in my stomach as soon as I wake up. I’m scared to go to work “, explains Anne (1). This 20-year-old Frenchwoman works at Teleperformance in Athens. She is one of those voices who, from a telephone platform, provide technical assistance or after-sales service for international brands. Apple, Hewlett […]

Armed robbery at supermarket Aldi in Helvoirt, perpetrators flee in different cars

Saturday, March 7, 2020, 8:55 PM HELVOIRT – The staff of the Aldi branch on Vincent van Goghplein in Helvoirt was robbed Saturday night. That happened around eight o’clock. One of the perpetrators threatened an Aldi employee with a (fake) firearm. The robbers took an unknown amount of money. WitnessesAfter the raid, the suspects ran […]

One of the juvenile suspects receives nine months in prison for assault

Posted on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 11:47 a.m. Through Belga One of the miners involved in the death of Priscilla Sergeant, 14, in 2012, was sentenced by the Brussels Criminal Court on Monday to nine months in prison for assault and battery. A., now 23, had received a reprimand from the Youth Division of […]

they celebrated the end of the year by bringing hell to a cat

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2019 at 7:58 p.m. A call for witnesses was launched by the association which collected the poor animal in order to identify those responsible for this cruel act. A cat has been the victim of an unspeakable act of barbarism in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. According to the asylum that received […]