Former Trump aide promised “hell” to Democrats after appearing before the FBI

Steve Bannon, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, vowed on Monday to go on the “offensive” against US power after appearing in a Washington court accused of “obstructing the prerogatives of the congressional investigation” into the attack by supporters of the former president. to the Capitol on January 6. “We are going on […]

Expeditionary Team Meets Many Snakes at the Bottom of Hell’s Well

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Omani cave expedition team saw many snakes at the bottom ‘Hell’s Well‘ or the Berhout Well in Yemen. The team also became the first humans to reach the bottom of the well. A team of Omani cave explorers and Mohammad Al Kindi reportedly managed to descend to the bottom of the […]

The legend of Russian scientists accidentally digging a hole into Hell

Jakarta – What lies in the depths of the Earth attracts the attention of many people. This includes triggering the emergence of a legend that Russian scientists dug by chance hole who arrived at hell. Well to Hell, that’s how urban legend has been circulating on the internet since around 1997. Even in 1998, his […]

Le Gang and & Heleen publish GO

In the past two years, “Le Gang” has been involved in numerous international radio hits. The Swedish music producer has not only shaped the sound of current pop music, but has even reinvented it in some of his productions, thus setting the standard a bit higher. But the Scandinavian sound designer doesn’t want to reveal […]

Céline Scheen, the singer of Plombières: from heaven to hell, in 2020

<!– By Loïc Manguette | Posted on 12/28/2020 9:40 PM If the year 2020 had started wonderfully for the Plombimontoise Céline Scheen with a nomination for the Grammy Awards, it quickly turned for the worse with the health crisis and the impossibility for this singer to have cash flow … ******* ******* *********** *** *** […]

Riding school is fighting for survival

November 9, 2020 at 7:10 am Looking for a new home : “Who will save my riding school?” <!– <!– <!– Photo: Müller Krefeld / District of Viersen Three years ago a riding school from Krefeld had to move to Gefrather Land. Now she is fighting for survival again. <!– “I am a fighter by […]

Quentin Tyrou in the hell of Verneuil’s disease

In appearance, Quentin Tyrou is like all young people his age. With the difference that he is a force of nature: tall, strong, no wonder this football fan has also played rugby for five or six years at the local club. So at first glance, we could say that all is well for someone who […]