This Mother Sold Her New Week-Old Baby to Buy Shoes

MOSCOW, – One mother of Russia was arrested while trying to sell her one-week-old baby on the black market for a pair shoes. Luiza Gadzhieva argues that she is looking for parents who are willing to adopt the baby when it is being held up during an operation. The 25-year-old woman was caught receiving […]

mom goes back inside and dies hugging him

Son fails to escape from the fire, so the mom comes back inside the house on fire to die beside him. A story of infinite maternal love that of Feda Almaliti, 43 years old from Fremont, California, who, not seeing the son of 15 years she went back not to leave him alone and she […]

A Portelois and his mother convicted of violence after a car exchange

In September 2019, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, an agreement was reached between a 30-year-old Portelois and a young woman for a vehicle exchange, which took place a few days later. However, after the exchange, the Portelois feels cheated by this agreement and wants to recover his vehicle. He therefore calls the young woman in a virulent manner […]

4 Causes of Mothers to Have Excessive Breast Milk Page all – mother breastfeeding always has many challenges. Many mothers complain of too little milk production or congestion. However, it is not uncommon for breastfeeding mothers to experience production ABOUT excess. Even milk production exceeds the baby’s needs. Production conditions Excess breast milk this is also known as a syndrome hyperlaktasi. Also read: Hyperlactation: Symptoms, […]