Roland Lindner, New York

Donald Trump once boasted that online platforms like Twitter would never block him. He was right for a long time. Both sides cultivated an unholy alliance that served them: The companies let Trump get away with many provocations. That guaranteed attention from users, and that is fundamental to the business model. Trump himself rightly said […]

Academician Khalatnikov, one of the creators of the Soviet atomic bomb, died :: Society :: RBK

Isaak Khalatnikov worked together with Landau, and after his death became the creator of the “collective Landau” – the Institute of Theoretical Physics Isaac Khalatnikov (Photo: Prominent Soviet physicist Isaak Khalatnikov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), one of the founders and honorary director Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITF) died on […]

High-resolution photo of coronavirus thorns was first taken by scientists

Pictures of scientists will help to create effective vaccines against coronavirus. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS American scientists published the first quality photos of coronavirus thorns. Protein compounds are clearly visible in the pictures. According to scientists, the obtained images will help in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Researchers from the United States explain in […]

Kunstmuseum Bern Masterpieces – Kunstmuseum Bern

Catalogs / books / DVD 175 masterpieces were selected from the immense inventory of over 3,000 paintings, sculptures and objects – including top-class works of Swiss and international art from the late 13th century to the present day. In addition to the highlights of European art history from the Art Museum’s collection, presented chronologically and […]

USA and Cyprus agreed to create a training center on the island :: Politics :: RBC

The center will be created in Larnaca, there will be training in the processing and storage of hazardous chemical and biological materials, ensuring the security of seaports, as well as cybersecurity Photo: Reuters The Republic of Cyprus and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding for further cooperation in the field of defense. About […]

What happened during the day. RBC main news :: Society :: RBC

Lukashenko agreed with Putin on the use of troops, Charité consults with the laboratory on the Skripals case, dismissal of the head of RUSADA, termination of the case against Boyko-Veliky; the main news – in the RBC review Lukashenko agreed with Putin to use troops against a threat from the West According to the Belarusian […]