Atlantia: start of the Aspi – Ultima Ora disposal process

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 24 – Atlantia “has started a ‘dual track’ process: sale of the entire 88% stake in Aspi through a competitive process or, alternatively, partial and proportional demerger and contribution of, respectively , 55% and 33% of the share capital of Aspi in the newly formed Autostrade Concessioni e Costruzioni SpA to […]

45 Antasari Developer Suspects Someone Inciting Consumers Page all

JAKARTA, – PT Prospek Duta Sukses (PDS), project developer Antasari apartment 45 in the South Jakarta area, suspects that there are elements or parties manipulating process postponement of debt payment obligations (PKPU) which has the potential to sacrifice the consumer. PDS Director Wahyu Hartanto conveyed this to through a written statement on Monday […]

1 year and a half girl killed in Cagliari, 20 years to her parents – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, SEPTEMBER 15 – The trial with an abbreviated rite of the two thirty-year-old spouses, Dragana Ahmetovic and Slavko Seferovic, accused of the voluntary murder of their 20-month-old daughter Esperanza, which vanished into thin air, ended with a 20-year sentence in December 2017 from the parents’ caravan, found on the outskirts of Cagliari. […]

The Ministry of Health proposed to ban flavorings in cigarettes :: Society :: RBC

The agency believes that the flavors and tobacco processing enhances the attractiveness of smoking. If companies are forbidden to improve the taste of tobacco, cigarettes will resemble those sold in the USSR, experts say. Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS The Ministry of Health proposed to fight smoking, including through bans on the use of flavors […]

“What Electricaribe does is a shameless thing”: Mayor Pumarejo

After knowing the position of Electricaribe in front of the executive demand presented to demand the payment of more than 45 thousand million to the Mayor of Barranquilla for the energy consumption of some subnormal neighborhoods, the district administration issued a statement in which it is declared “ outraged ”by the claims of the company. […]

Digital Health for All – Process

We embrace technology because it allows us to do things better and easier, faster and cheaper. To be more productive and have more free time to do other activities. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) do not appear as a priority in the Health Sector Program 2020-2024 of the Fourth Transformation, because it does not contemplate […]

The pulse of unemployment due to the retirement of unemployment

After four months of being fired due to the pandemic, Javier Castro was able to withdraw his layoffs and emerge from the financial and subsistence commitments that threatened him on a daily basis. “The process was quite tedious because at the time the company decided to withdraw we were in the process of starting the […]