Passenger triggers emergency door and slides off as the plane prepares for takeoff.

Jakarta – The behavior of this Delta Air Lines passenger was beyond reason. When the plane was preparing to take off, he instead opened the door and exited by gliding. This dangerous act occurred at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (25/3/2023) at around 10.40 local time. At that time, Delta Airlines flight number 1714 […]

“New Flight Routes by Wings Air Cover Joyful Province of Indonesia”

Ternate – Wings Air announced that it would open a new domestic flight route in the happiest province in Indonesia, namely North Maluku, from Ternate to Buli to be precise. In the near future, Wings Air airline will open a new route within the North Maluku network, with the aim of Buli Airport located in […]

Unidentified Ships Suspected of Launching Aircrafts Off Hengchun Sea After Co-Planet Harassment: Liberty Times Newsletter’s Exclusive Report

Unidentified ships off the coast of Hengchun are suspected of launching aircraft. (Provided by “Taiwan ADIZ” fan page) [Reporter Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report]The waters and airspace around Taiwan have been quite lively recently due to common aircraft raids. Some military fans have recorded that in the morning, apart from the southeast airspace, Chinese armed helicopters appeared […]

The Stewardess Said, It’s Better to Sleep Than Eat on the Plane

Jakarta – Sleep is the activity most often carried out by passenger while on aircraft. It turns out that sleep is recommended more than other activities. Reported from CNNa person air hostess named Brit Kris Major has worked for 24 years. For decades he has experienced flying short and long distances. Reflecting on his experience, […]

Ohayo! Batik Air Has a Beautiful Flight 23.23, Flies to Nagoya

Jakarta – Japan has become a favorite destination for Indonesians. Seeing this potential, Water Batik open a new route to Nagoya. Batik Air’s new service to Nagoya specifically designed for medium-distance routes and connected to Batik Air Malaysia. “Batik Air is very pleased to immediately welcome travelers and tourists. Batik Air is committed to providing […]

There’s a Burning Battery in the Cabin, the Plane Makes an Emergency Landing

Jakarta – The Spirit Airlines flight had to be diverted from its destination because there was smoke rising from the cabin. It is suspected that the fire started from the battery. Spirit Airlines airline crew said that there was a burnt battery in the aircraft cabin. As a result the Spirit Airlines Flight diverted and […]

Israel No Longer Needs to Fly Around Avoiding the Skies of Saudi Arabia and Oman

Jakarta – For years, travel time from Israel to the Eastern country has taken longer due to policies banning Israeli airlines from flying over Oman and Saudi Arabia. Now, Israeli airlines are free to fly anywhere. Reporting from CNN, Sunday (26/2/2023) if you take flights operated by Israeli airlines, including the national airline El Al, […]

Airbus dominates Boeing, the Western duopoly relies on giant orders in China and India

Not a single manufacturer managed to meet the annual targets last year. Airbus aimed to deliver 720 aircraft, but in reality managed to deliver “only” 661. Boeing fell short of the goal of seven hundred delivered aircraft by even 220 pieces. Production in the factories of both companies was mainly affected by disrupted supply chains, […]

Just Flew, Airplane Wings On Fire and Immediately Emergency Landing

Jakarta – Flight Delta Airlines from Edinburgh to New York was forced to make an emergency landing due to visible fire on the wing of the plane. BBC reported, Saturday (11/2/2023) flight Delta Airlines DAL209 to New York was quickly diverted to land at Prestwick after experiencing engine problems. The plane made an emergency landing […]