Scientists have found out who is at risk of re-infection with COVID

Photo: Those who have been seriously ill are especially at risk of re-infection with COVID-19 Those who have suffered a severe coronavirus, as well as people with weakened immune systems, should exercise maximum vigilance. Experts from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, along with colleagues from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center […]

Ukraine has returned five patients from Belarus

Photo: Dmitry Kuleba / Facebook Andrey Ivanov (in the photo – in the center) returned to his homeland At night, the border of Belarus and Ukraine was crossed by an ambulance car with Andrei Ivanov, who was in Minsk in connection with a kidney transplant operation. The Ukrainian authorities returned from Belarus five people who […]

Doctors cut off a patient’s wrong leg during surgery

An adult patient’s amputated leg was amputated in an Austrian clinic. Instead of the left, the right has been removed. The incident was reported by the Austrian newspaper Heute, BGNES reported. The patient himself did not initially notice the error due to his health condition. Before the operation, his doctor marked his foot with an […]

Long blood clot removed from coronavirus patient in India

Photo: Blood clots can be fatal The doctor posted a photo of a blood clot on a social network and said that it was removed from an artery in the leg of a patient with COVID-19. In India, a coronavirus patient was able to extract a long blood clot from an artery in his […]

The death of the patient: three doctors at the Cancer Institute will be tried

Photo: The anesthesiologist did not perform preoperative preparation The anesthesiologist, through whose fault the woman died, as well as her attending physician and a pathologist, who tried to hide a colleague’s mistake, will go to court. In Kiev, three doctors from the National Cancer Institute will be on trial. The doctors are accused of […]

High-resolution photo of coronavirus thorns was first taken by scientists

Pictures of scientists will help to create effective vaccines against coronavirus. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS American scientists published the first quality photos of coronavirus thorns. Protein compounds are clearly visible in the pictures. According to scientists, the obtained images will help in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Researchers from the United States explain in […]