Vladislav Panev: There will be a regular office for up to two weeks

Vladislav Panev “There will be a regular cabinet within the next two weeks. There is unanimity on many issues. The focus in the coming days will be on the structure of the government. Then the A team must become clear. “ Vladislav Panev from Democratic Bulgaria said this on the NovaNews show “Offensive” minutes after […]

This is a failure: Merkel spoke about the situation in Afghanistan

Merkel commented on the situation in Afghanistan It was not possible to build a country with a democratic structure and now it is necessary to protect as many people as possible, the German leader believes. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the Western coalition in Afghanistan was defeated and now it is necessary to focus […]

NASA’s probe reveals the internal structure of Mars – News

Data on the internal structure of Mars, as well as features of the planet’s core, mantle and crust, were revealed for the first time in history. The feat is due to the work of the InSight probe, launched by NASA, the US space agency, in May 2018. The instrument placed a seismometer (a device that […]

Blood donation: An agreement signed between the CNTS and a private structure

The National Blood Transfusion Center (Cnts) and Innovative healthcare solution (Ihs) signed a partnership agreement on Thursday, July 22, 2021, at the Cnts conference room, in Treichville. This agreement aims, according to the Director General of Ihs, DodiĆ© Diagaunet, a company specializing in the search for innovative solutions to resolve challenges in the health sector, […]

Microfilament: Definition, Structure, Function, and Characteristics

KOMPAS.com – The body of a living being consists of various cells and organelles, one of which is the cell cytoskeleton or what is commonly referred to as the cell skeleton. The cell cytoskeleton or cell skeleton is a structural cell that fills the cytoplasm and plays a role in cell movement (motility) and cell […]

Explanatory Text? What are the examples and structure like?

Explanatory Text Illustration. Source: Freepik.com Explanatory text often used to describe a phenomenon that occurs in life. Usually membehas about a natural event, scientific, social, and cultural. In making explanatory text we have to relate the cause and effect of an event. We are prioritized to find out how this can happen in this life. […]

High-resolution photo of coronavirus thorns was first taken by scientists

Pictures of scientists will help to create effective vaccines against coronavirus. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS American scientists published the first quality photos of coronavirus thorns. Protein compounds are clearly visible in the pictures. According to scientists, the obtained images will help in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Researchers from the United States explain in […]

Kursk announced the development of a drug that accelerates recovery after coronavirus

A research group based at the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry of Kursk State Medical University has developed a formula for the drug that allows you to quickly get rid of breathing and lung problems typical for those infected with coronavirus. With such a statement, the associate professor of the university department Leonid Yampolsky. […]