PHOTO ⟩ Astronauts share aurora photos from space

Absolutely unreal. — Josh Cassada (@astro_josh) February 28, 2023 US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Josh Cassada, who is stationed on the International Space Station, shared a stunningly beautiful photo of the aurora from their vantage point on Twitter. The photo shows how the bright green reflection of light shines over the […]

Planets seen by eye in a rare event

History 29/12/2022 19:27:40 (MENAFN– Al Bayan) All the planets of our solar system were visible in the sky at the same time, the day before yesterday, which experts consider a rare astronomical event, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, which indicated that it was possible to see Venus, Mercury , Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, […]

Superb ambiance • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi soldier documented the moment he fell from the sky using the “parachute”, expressing his happiness in the environment. The soldier, who has been explained as “the cutest soldier”, stated: “I swear to God, the planet is wonderful, everyday living is gorgeous, the climate is rainy and existence is great.” He extra: […]

Jupiter is getting brighter, will duet with the crescent moon tomorrow

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Jupiter is on the way up to levels that can be seen with the naked eye on the eastern horizon on Tuesday (19/8). The biggest planet in this solar system will also meet the crescent moon, a rare moment. Launch Space, Jupiter will reach a magnitude of -2.5 which makes it […]

Why is the Sky Blue?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — When the weather is clear, the sky looks blue. Why that color? Why not red or purple? What is the color of the end of the universe? Quoted from the official page NASAthe blue color of the sky as seen by the human eye comes from sunlight that reaches the earth’s […]