Turn Xi Jinping, Putin, to the Central Bank

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Digital currency cryptocurrency or crypto is still loved by many people in the world, even now it has become a means of payment for many things because it is considered to have value like conventional currency and is more efficient. Moreover, the devotees of crypto coins Bitcoin, Solano, Ethereum and others […]

The United States becomes number one in bitcoin mining

US bitcoin miners, which enable transaction validation and the creation of cryptocurrency, are now the top producers in the world, while activity has completely disappeared in China, according to a study published Wednesday. «The new data, which runs until the end of August, shows that the United States concentrates 35.4% (of activity, editor’s note), against […]

JPMorgan Boss: Bitcoin Is Worthless!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Jamie Dimon, CEO of the world’s largest investment bank JPMorgan Chase, has publicly revealed that he is not a fan of bitcoin, the crypto asset with the largest market cap today. “I personally think that bitcoin is worthless,” Dimon said at the Institute of International Finance event on Monday, quoted by […]

The Mystery of Transferring 6,000 Trillion Shiba Inu Coins Before It Soared

Jakarta – Shiba Inu (SHIB) these few weeks became the most interesting coins. His first spike so far came from his official listing on Coinbase. However, the jump was only the beginning of the spike that occurred a few days ago. Price SHIB up more than 50% in a day. More remarkably, the following day, […]

These 2 Cryptos Are Predicted To Be Small Like Bitcoin in October 2021

GenPI.co – Amount crypto- the price is shiny entering the tenth day of October 2021. Cryptos that have emerged this month include Bitcoin, which at 12:59 WIB has broken USD 55,708 or has increased 16.03 percent in the last seven days. Reporting from the co-investment page, there are at least two other cryptocurrencies that can […]

‘Made in Indonesia’ Crypto Coins Will Appear Again, How to Buy It?

Jakarta – The more popular crypto money makes the types of crypto assets more and more. Indonesia does not want to lose and will launch the ‘Made In Indonesia’ digital coin. CEO of Indonesia Digital Cooperatives (IDM Co-op) M Chairul Basyar said his party will launch a crypto token on October 28, 2021. The coin […]

Bitcoin is growing stronger, but October alias Uptober can also disappoint

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Bitcoin cash Bitcoin is today almost synonymous with fabulous enrichment, thanks to which he had heard about cryptocurrencies each. But who wants cryptocurrencies deposit money, he should first answer a number of practical questions. To which “coins“Invest and why cryptocurrencies (not) to be believed? It pays off to benefit, on what […]

Beware High Risk! RI Crypto Investors Predicted to Reach 20 Million

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Commissioner of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Pandu Sjahrir revealed, the trend of investing in crypto assets has recently continued to show an increase. Pandu said that crypto assets are indeed relatively new as one of the investment instruments of choice with a high level of risk. “For me, this is […]