Celtic threatens Betis with a massive landing

Celtic are beginning to believe that they can overtake Betis in the Europa League. Their two victories against Ferencvaros and the win conceded by Pellegrini’s pupils in Leverkusen has placed the Scots within a single point and they still have the duel of the last day pending, which will face them against the Heliopolitan team […]

This will be the ‘landing’ of Xavi at FC Barcelona

29/10/2021 Act. a las 20:01 HONOR All closed so that Xavi Hernández’s arrival at FC Barcelona is a reality. The Egarense has met this Friday at the Al-Sadd facilities with the sheikhs and has filed the last fringes to seal his separation from the Qatari entity. Of course, the owners have asked him to endure […]

Spain barely escapes collision of two passenger planes

Both planes were on the same lane The Iberia plane was in the middle of the runway and was about to take off when another plane started approaching in the same runway. An Iberia Express passenger plane was forced to interrupt takeoff at the airport of the Spanish island of Tenerife (autonomous community of the […]

Emergency landing in New York after passenger incident

People on board the aircraft had reported the suspicious and erratic behavior of one passenger during the flight. Published on 10/10/2021 10:28 PM Reading time: 1 min UThe plane was forced to make an emergency landing at New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Saturday due to the suspicious behavior of one of its passengers, the US […]

The military of Ukraine and the United States parachuted together

Photo: facebook.com/www.dshv.mil.gov.ua The military of several countries conducted a joint landing For the first time in history, Ukrainian and American military personnel carried out a joint landing. As part of the Rapid Trident – 2021 multinational exercise, the airborne assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, US troops and other units of partner countries […]

Passenger plane L-410 crashed in Russia, there are dead PHOTOS

Two crew members and two passengers were killed in the crash of an L-410 plane in the Irkutsk region of Russia, the Transport Prosecutor’s Office of Eastern Siberia said, according to world media. According to the prosecutor’s office, one woman and three men died as a result of the accident, another wounded man is in […]

Afghanistan, landed in Fiumicino flight with 194 Afghans – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – FIUMICINO (ROME), AUGUST 19 – The Air Force aircraft carrying 194 evacuated Afghan passengers on board, coming from Kuwait after the transfer from Kabul, landed at Fiumicino airport around 00:50. This is the fourth flight to arrive in Italy as part of the airlift set up by the Defense. As happened for the […]

A new military transport plane crashed in Russia – video

Photo: TASS Presumably the crew did not survive The Il-112 aircraft, the first official flight of which is scheduled for March 2022, crashed while landing. In Russia, a new Il-112 military transport plane crashed while landing at Kubinka airport. The corresponding videos appeared on social networks. “A prototype of a military aircraft crashed 1.5 km […]

July 20 Incident: History of the First Human Landing on the Moon, Here’s the Journey

Merdeka.com – As is known, humans continue to develop science and technology for an increasingly advanced and better world life. That way, humans can create various kinds of useful innovations to help work and solve problems that are often encountered in everyday life. Not only that, the development of science and technology is also carried […]

Billionaire Branson and his ship successfully returned from a test flight, it is said to have reached the limits of space – ČT24 – Czech Television

Hundreds of spectators at the base cheered after landing, Branson hurried to his family, hugged his wife and children, and took three grandchildren in his arms. “It’s a life experience,” the entrepreneur praised after returning to Spaceport America. “I’ve been dreaming about this since childhood, but nothing could prepare me to look at Earth from […]