Nuclear War in Front of Eyes, Scientists Describe the Terrible Impact on Earth

WASHINGTON – When a number of countries are racing to add weapons nuclear them, a number of scientists made scenarios of the global impact of radiation. In the study seen how the terrible impact that damaged most of the earth. What these new findings show is that environmental damage can be more severe and last […]

Rare case, wild chimpanzee in Africa affected by leprosy

LONDON – Scientists who research behavior chimpanzee in the African jungle was surprised by a primate suffering from leprosy. This is a rare case and is the first time it has been found in a non-human primate in the wild. Quoted from Live Science, Thursday (14/10/2021), Chimpanzees infected with leprosy were found on the border […]

Wow! Pluto is starting to lose its atmosphere – For scientist found that the atmosphere Pluto is undergoing a strange transformation as it begins to disappear over time. Using observations from telescopes at several locations in the United States and Mexico, the research team observed Pluto and its thin atmosphere, which is mainly made of nitrogen, like that on Earth. Experts have […]

Scientist: Traveling on a Motorcycle Can Be Mentally Healthy

Illustration of a motorcyclist. (Pixabay) – Research result recently discovered that when traveling using motorcycle can be mentally healthy. This research was carried out scientist from a survey conducted on 1000 motorists. This research conducted by Asda Money found that there is a relationship between traveling by motorbike and mental health. But it can […]

Treat Leukemia, Israeli Scientists Combine Biology and Artificial Intelligence – Technological developments artificial intelligence which is increasingly being used by scientist in the health sector. Scientists from Bar Ilan University (BIU) in Israel are developing a treatment method leukemia new technology that combines biology with artificial intelligence aka artificial intelligence (TO THE). Launching ANTARA, the treatment is focused on destroying cancer cells without […]

Strange Tree Species with Lantern-like Fruit Found in Amazon Jungle

PERU – A weird tree which was discovered in the Manu National Park, Peru in 1973, has recently received a new name, namely Aenigmanu alvareziae. This strange plant is known to be a new genus and species of the small Picramniacea family. The new tree species, named Aenigmanu alvareziae, is about 6 meters tall with […]

This scientist says there was life on Mars, is it true?

PR PANGARAN – Mars Perseverance Rover is an unmanned tool for recording and transmitting images according to scientist describe that on Planet Mars ever existed life. Mars Perseverance Rover was deliberately created by a group scientist the world to detect and confirm whether it is true on the Planet Mars it was ever life in […]

Delay Doomsday, Scientists Prefer to Do It This Way

CALIFORNIA – In the near future NASA will fly a spacecraft that will intercept asteroid that threatens the earth. This method turned out to be very effective in delaying the destruction of the earth from an asteroid attack. Physicist from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, Patrick King says this method is like creating a line […]

Why is the Moon Far from Earth? These Scientists Reveal Shocking Impacts

ISU BOGOR – Why month away from the earth? The question has been widely expressed by the public recently and has been answered by the public scientist, both domestically and abroad. Even the latest research of scientist in the United States found the impact was quite surprising, namely the day was noticeably longer. Reporting from […]

Researchers Find New Tool to Track Water Content on Habitable Planets, JAKARTA – Water is the key to life. In a study billed as a potential breakthrough, the research team has found a way to test water on exoplanets and find planets that are habitable because they have sufficient water content. The study has been published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. The new research comes […]