A small plane crashed near the village of Lesnovo, the pilot died

A plane crashed near the village of Lesnovo, municipality of Elin Pelin, informs BTV. The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. According to initial information, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. The 33-year-old pilot died on the spot. An on-site inspection is carried out. The reasons for the incident are being clarified. No residential structures were […]

propagandist Krasovsky removed from plane at Sheremetyevo

According to sources, no protocol was drawn up against Krasovsky at the airport and was limited to a verbal remark. The former head of the Russian propaganda channel RT Russia, Anton Krasovsky, who was supposed to fly on a Moscow-Tashkent flight, was dropped from the plane. About it informs Russian media Baza. After complaints from […]

VIDEO ⟩ A drone attack on a Russian reconnaissance plane near Minsk was captured

The more than three-minute long video, published by Ukrainian military blogger and Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Anatoliy Štefans on his “Telegram”, was filmed from the drone used in the attack. It shows how the drone takes off very close to the airport’s outer fence and flies unimpeded into the hangar and lands precisely near the […]

The “Spartan” is back with aid for Syria, and a bTV team is with it

Returned “The Spartan”, delivered aid to Syria. With him is a team from bTV, which is the only television on board the machine. The Bulgarian medics, who helped for 10 days in Turkey, also returned home with the military plane, which landed at Vrazdebna airport. With “Spartana”, Bulgaria sent the first humanitarian aid to Syria. […]

In Russia, a woman was naked on a plane and bit the flight attendants

The woman was then handcuffed. On the plane of the Russian company Aeroflot, which was flying Stavropol-Moscow, an aggressive woman took off her underwear, tried to get into the cockpit naked and bit the flight attendants. Russian propaganda telegrams write about this. It all started with the fact that the Russian woman smoked in the […]

‘Iran has sent drones to Russia with boats and planes’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 12 – “Iran has used boats and a state-owned airline to send new types of advanced long-range armed drones to Russia for use in its war against Ukraine.” This was revealed by the Guardian citing sources in Iran. “At least 18 of the drones were handed over to Vladimir Putin’s navy […]

The plane was violently bumped and fell, and passengers were crying and writing their last words. West Air responded: Arrived safely-fast technology-technology changes the future

Passengers cried and wrote their last words as the plane crashed violently. West Air responded: Arrived safely In this situation, do you pray silently, or take out your phone to record the “last moment”? Recently, a video of a West Air flight tumbling and crashing causing passengers to scream has sparked heated discussions on social […]

Watch.. a Saudi cargo plane loaded with civil defense vehicles and rescue men to prepare to participate in rescue operations for those affected in Turkey and Syria

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip published by the Ministry of Interior’s Snap account documented the Saudi search and rescue team heading to Turkey to participate in the search and rescue operations for the earthquake victims trapped under the rubble. The official spokesman for the Civil Defense, Colonel Muhammad Al-Hammadi, said that, in implementation of the […]