Solve the problem of slow computer | Technology and cars

Ammon – Solve the problem of slow computerRestart the computerThe first option in the process of solving a computer slow problem is to restart the device, especially if the device has not been restarted recently, and the following steps explain how to restart the Windows 10 computer: Click on the Start button.Click on the power […]

The era of the petrodollar has come to an end

The era of the petrodollar is coming to an end, writes, a popular fossil fuel news web resource. In particular, this is facilitated by Saudi Arabia, which is gradually moving away from selling raw materials for US dollars, switching to euros, yen and yuan. On the other hand, it would be foolish to simply […]

A slap to Barcelona… an unexpected problem caused by Javi

The Spanish club Barcelona received a new blow, as the La Liga association refused to register the player Jaffe in the first team due to the club’s economic conditions. Although Barcelona submitted all the required papers, the request was rejected, due to the failure to meet the required conditions, as the club was obliged to […]

Intel’s cheap 2.5 gigabit ethernet adapter occasionally loses connection

With the i226-V development, it is not yet known whether it is a hardware or software error. Intel announced it back in 2019 the arrival of the inexpensive 2.5 gigabit Ethernet adapterwhich was also launched in 2020 with the i225-V designation, but it became clear relatively quickly that in addition to certain 2.5 gigabit routers […]