The story of a woman who refused to prepare dinner for her husband’s guests and went to her family. . And when she received dwelling, her shock was: • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A written content creator and proprietor of the “Tale with Faleh” channel, advised on YouTube the story of a girl who refused to cook for her husband’s friends and went to his family’s property, and when she returned to the marital home, she was stunned by what she did not anticipate. attractive spouse […]

Escape in disgrace. Boycott Lavrov at the G20 summit

No one wanted to be photographed with Lavrov – – The G20 foreign ministers refused to take part in a joint photo shoot and meetings with Lavrov. Russia is the main rogue country in the world. After the aggression against Ukraine, one should not have expected anything else. Moreover, Russian politicians are being expelled with […]

Russia will take away from Japan the right to fish near the Kuriles

Japanese ship near Kunashir island – – The Japanese government refused to pay for fishing quotas from the islands, the Russian side said. Russia will withdraw from Japan the right to fish near the Kuril Islands. This was announced on June 10 by the agency Interfax with reference to Deputy Prime Minister, Plenipotentiary Representative of […]

Poroshenko left Ukraine – media

Poroshenko says he is going to a meeting of the European Party – – The former president has been trying to leave the country since Saturday. He was twice refused to cross the border. The fifth president of Ukraine, People’s Deputy Petro Poroshenko left Ukraine for Poland, reports on Monday, May 30, UP with reference […]

Urgent TCG meeting on Donbass not held

Photo: A separatist shell hit a kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska – – For the second time in a row, Russia refused to participate in an urgent meeting of the TCG after the start of the aggravation in the Donbass. Russia did not take part in the urgent meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on […]

Ukraine initiated a meeting in the OSCE because of Russia

Photo: The meeting must take place within 48 hours – – Russia refused to meet on the Vienna document. Ukraine initiated another meeting. Ukraine initiated a meeting of the Permanent Council and the Forum for Security Cooperation of the OSCE, said on Wednesday, February 16, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in Twitter. – “We continue […]

Adele canceled concerts not because of coronavirus – media

Photo: Adele – – The celebrity did not like the scenery, so she allegedly refused to host her first live show in five years. British pop singer Adele previously canceled her live performances in Las Vegas, citing the coronavirus, but now another reason for the show’s collapse has become known. This is reported Daily […]

In Germany, Ukrainian sailors staged a brawl on a plane

Photo: Twitter Law enforcers were waiting at the airport – – Ukrainians, as well as Russians, refused to wear protective masks and actively consumed alcoholic beverages brought with them. A large-scale police operation was carried out at Frankfurt am Main Airport in connection with the illegal actions of a group of 32 drunken sailors from […]

Elizabeth II refused to give Harry rooms at Windsor Castle

– – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II – Queen Elizabeth II, the grandmother of Princes William and Harry, was a mother to one and a stepmother to the other, according to two articles in the Daily Mirror. One tells how she refused to give Harry a bigger home for his growing family, and the other tells […]