Andrea swallowed Dani Petkanov cruelly, you won’t believe what … PHOTO

Pop folk diva Andrea reminded of herself again – and how! This time the blonde does not emphasize her charms, with which she regularly tempts social networks, but instead brutally swallows Daniel Petkanov, writes It is unbelievable what the pop-folk diva said to Alex Petkanov’s husband and with what emphatically ironic tone she made […]

Surprise at Filipovská: She got people of her heart!

The artist Roman Řehák thus played the right sensitive string. “Pavlína herself unknowingly chose those close people,” Aha confided! moderator and author of the evening Petr Salava (61). “I asked her who she would like to celebrate, but unfortunately she can no longer invite him because she is not among us. And she told me […]

Emanuela became a student and dropped a bomb with an intimate confession PHOTOS

Pop folk diva Emanuela is like a box of surprises, some of which are more striking. Recently, from a chat with her fans on social networks, it became clear that the singer is already a student, but you will not believe in what specialty, writes The 40-year-old pop-folk singer is another confirmation that a […]

Minister Denkov: Gerdjikov’s candidacy will lead to problems

The Minister of Education and Science Prof. Nikolay Denkov The candidacy of the Rector of Sofia University, Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov, for President surprised me and even worried me. I did not expect that a person from our community would be a candidate of GERB. This was stated before BNT the Minister of Education Prof. Nikolay […]

Scientists say the earth has gone dim

Photo: Screenshot from video Earth is dimming due to diminishing bright clouds The decrease in the reflectivity of the planet was a big surprise for scientists. This is explained by global warming. The earth has tarnished in 30 years, scientists from Spain and the United States have determined, writes Forbes. The reason for this is […]

Juventus surprises Chelsea, Bayern rolls out and Barca lose heavily

| Published on 09/29/2021 8:26 PM Continuation and end of the second day of the Champions League this Wednesday evening. Juventus-Chelsea Chelsea, defending champion, lost (1-0) to Juventus on Wednesday in Turin on the second day of the Champions League. The European champions conceded a goal from Federico Chiesa just after the break (46th). With […]

Steinmeier denied rumors about cancellation of visa-free travel

Фото: Getty Images The EU does not plan to cancel visa-free travel, Steinmeier assured The German President was surprised to learn that the EU is discussing the possibility of canceling the visa-free regime. Information about the possible cancellation of the EU visa-free regime with third countries is fake, said on Wednesday, September 29, German President […]

Anita and Rachkov are separating! PHOTOS

Dimitar Rachkov’s new relationship with the young playmate Anita Dimitrova is about to go down in history, where the previous one with Maria Ignatova is, and the reason is more than justified, Weekend writes, quoted by The star couple, who have been attracting more and more public attention lately, are experiencing something that many […]

Zueka grew old cruelly, appeared with a cane and … PHOTO

Vasil Vassilev-Zueka continues to be the center of attention since it became clear that he will no longer lead “The Masked Singer”, and probably the “Drops” after him, because he emigrated to Spain with his family, writes The actor abandoned television and show business and devoted himself to painting, apparently at least for now […]