Regular consumption of mushrooms helps reduce the risk of depression, here’s why – Mold It is considered a superfood because it is packed with several vitamins and minerals, thus offering a variety of health benefits. A new study, led by Penn State College of Medicine, recently found that mushroom consumption may lower the risk of depression. Reported from The HealthsiteAfter examining data on diet and mental […]

The Importance of Physical Activity to Overcome Depression

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – During the COVID-19 pandemic, teenagers tend to be less active, making them less active and sitting in front of screens, partly because of online schooling and irregular sleep patterns. Sports medicine specialist at RSUI Dr. dr. Listya Tresnanti Mirtha, Sp.KO, believes that physical activity and physical exercise can be an effective therapeutic […]

Sports side effects: boys benefit differently | MDR.DE

Sport as a basis for mental and physical health doesn’t sound really new. But does sport in early childhood have different effects on the development of boys and girls? Is there a connection between childhood emotional stress and physical activity – and what role does gender play in this? A research team from Montreal examined […]

A quarter of young adults show symptoms of depression

Mental health problems among Belgians are higher than before the corona period. This is according to a health survey by Sciensano. A striking trend is that the situation is particularly serious among young adults. From Sciensano’s new health survey, the seventh Since the start of the corona pandemic, it appears that the mental health of […]


The singer has been struggling with depression since an early age. For a long time she was looking for a way to her mother, who was not a family type. Little father Basikovou he left when she was thirteen years old. “As a child, I was often sad and crying, I would say pessimistic. In […]

Knowing Dementia, Symptoms Similar to Alzheimer’s Disease

PR PANGARAN – Disease dementia is a general term that is often associated with a group of symptoms associated with progressive brain decline. A person with memory loss is a special feature dementia, according to research shows, it may not be the “first” symptom experienced. The most common causes of the condition dementia usually is […]

The following are early symptoms of dementia, apparently not memory loss

PR TASIKMALAYA – Dementia is one of the disease which attacks brain function so that sufferers experience a decrease memory and slowing down of thinking. Although it is often associated with senility, it seems to have decreased memory not symptom first of disease dementia. Reported from the Express page, to find symptom the beginning […]

Remember the Case of Vietnamese Coffee Contains Cyanide 5 Years Ago? An Expert Reveals Unexpected Facts Regarding the Benefits of Consuming Vietnamese Coffee Every Day, One of them Preventing Breast Cancer! ANDREW LOTULUNG collage and Vietnamese coffee illustration Grid.ID Reporter, Hananda Praditasari Grid.ID – If you hear the name coffee Vietnam, of course you remember the Wayan Mirna Salihin case, right? Yes, five years ago, on January 6, 2016, Wayan Mirna Salihin died because he drank coffee Vietnam is full of poison cyanide. Before […]